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EU Wants to seize money from All European Banks on a Flat Rate Basis

The European Banking Crisis is beyond description. A leak has come out that the Commission will simply seize money from all the banks on a flat rate basis benefiting the banks that have lost money from trading at the expense of the small savings banks. Wolfgang Schäuble (born 1942) is Germany’s Federal Minister of Finance. He […] read more

Socialism at its Best – Rome Itself Bankrupt like Detroit?

This is indicative of the economic crisis. Socialism has done more to line the pockets of government than to help the people. They always point their finger at the rich and say get them, but the more goes to government and bankers. Right on time, the city of Rome is on the verge of bankruptcy […] read more

Merkel handing Banking Supervision to Brussels

German papers are reporting a secret deal of Merkel’s. The Federal Chancellery experts working on the revision of banking supervision have leaked that Angela Merkel will give up her resistance to the takeover of the banking supervision by the EU after the election. The international banks are to be therefore controlled by Brussels. Germany will control only the […] read more

Pension Crisis Fueled by Manipulation of Interest Rates by Central Banks

The pension crisis is beginning to emerge as a real growing problem. The central banks have been keeping interest rates low for the primary reason of reducing the national debts. In Germany, they are beginning to notice that not merely are government pensions growing faster than private as public servants help themselves to our income […] read more

IMF Warns About German & French Banks

After the warnings of the IMF for France, the IMF has also now expressed concern about the outlook for Germany and its banks. People in the states who keep yelling the dollar will crash are simply clueless. They know nothing about what is going on around the world and have blinders on leading a bunch […] read more

EU To Limit Cash Withdrawals to 100-200 Euros per day If a Bank Goes Down

The model in Cyprus of limiting cash withdrawals from banks is being adopted in the EU for the entire system. The European idea of socialism is the sustainability of the government – not the survival of the people. Europe continues to destroy its economic future by undermining public confidence in their entire financial system, read more

ECB & China Accepting the Same Type of Products from Banks that Blew Up the World in 2007

The ECB and China are allowing their banks to post the very same products that Blew-Up the Financial World as collateral for loans. The banking crisis in Europe is devastating because the reserves were the various euro bonds of all member states. Cyprus went down because of their losses on Greek bonds. Banks is Europe […] read more

Germany – The Worst of the Banking Crisis in Europe?

Since 2010, members of the German Parliament have been using the iPad in the office, and the Parliament approved the iPad as a paper-replacement for reading speeches. But that said, improvements economically have not taken place. German net worth per family is among the LOWEST in Europe because of excessive regulation and high taxation. The socialist […] read more

ECB Admits Depositors will Bailout the Banks

ECB openly asserts that the banks must be saved by the depositors – not bailouts. That means the faulty design of the Euro and the utter failure to create a single debt making all bond issues of member states reserve quality forces the political failure of Europe to properly design a monetary system now the […] read more

Proprietary Trading Banks Will Become Extinct

The Libor Fixing Scandal of interest rates has shown precisely what I wrote about in Behind The curtain. I have personally witnessed the trading mentality of the commodities trader from the ’70s consume Wall Street when it began with the PhiBro takeover of the bond trading house Solomon Brothers – the mentor of so much […] read more