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How the Supreme Court Doomed the US & the West

    I have been warning that those in Washington DO NOT like outsiders. Only 106 republicans out of 196 joined Texas demonstrating that behind the curtain, nearly 50% of republican politicians prefer Trump to leave because he is not one of them. The Supreme Court avoided ruling claiming Texas had no standing which is […]

Can There be a Re-do of the Election?

There is an interesting question that seems never to have been answered. Back in 2016, the Democrats alleged based upon mere allegations that Hillary made for political reasons, that there was Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election so she really won. Everyone has tried to reject that because it really taints both sides of […]

A World in a State of Total Confusion

While 17 states have joined Texas in their lawsuit against Pennsylvania for a fraudulent election, YouTube/Google and the new BigTech conspiracy against the people vow to delete any content claiming the election was tarnished in any way pronouncing Biden is the president-elect which is totally illegal for only the Electoral College can make that determination […]

Market Talk – November 24, 2020

ASIA: Australia has hit out at “needlessly” worsening relations with China, with the country’s prime minister appealing for smaller nations not to be caught in the crossfire of Sino-US rivalry. Morrison insisted Australia wanted “mutually beneficial” relations with both its largest trading partner and the United States, while having the right to pursue its own […]

Market Talk – November 20, 2020

ASIA: President Xi Jinping would like to poise China as the new financial capital of the world as the Western economy continues to decline. President Xi said that China’s “resilience and vitality” will help maintain its “super-sized” economy. In what some saw as a swipe at US President Trump’s “America First” policy, Xi touted China’s […]

Election Fraud

The allegations of fraud are coming in from so many sectors concerning particularly Pennsylvania and Michigan. The Postal Worker who the Democrats claimed recanted his allegations of ballot tampering at the Post Office has provoked the worker to come out and deny that as just another lie. “I am right at this very moment looking […]

Market Talk – November 6, 2020

ASIA: Chinese short-video and live-streaming app Kuaishou filed for an initial public offering on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, CNBC reported. The offering is reportedly expected to raise $5 billion. Morgan Stanley, Bank of America Securities, and China Renaissance are the underwriters, according to the filing. Video game streaming aside, analysts say the video apps […]

Market Talk – November 4, 2020

ASIA: Chinese President Xi Jinping tried to re-assure international businesses that the nation is committed to open trade, amid concerns that the new ‘dual circulation’ strategy will mean the world’s second-largest economy is set to become more insular. Xi speech was closely watched, given the backdrop of the U.S. election result and the shock withdrawal […]

Market Talk – November 3, 2020

ASIA: Ant Group’s highly anticipated IPO has been suspended following a meeting between the company’s billionaire co-founder Jack Ma and regulators in China, an abrupt move that threatens what was due to be the largest share sale in history. The Shanghai Stock Exchange said in a statement on Tuesday that it had postponed the company’s […]

Market Talk – November 2, 2020

ASIA: Australia’s former ambassador to China, Geoff Raby, has warned Australia is likely to keep suffering economic harm from “repeated rounds of Chinese economic coercion,” and needs to find a way to reset the relationship. He said Seafood exporters are the latest industry group to report disruptions in accessing the Chinese market, and thus Australia […]