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Study: Trump Would Have Won Election without Mail-In Voting

  A new study has found that widespread voter fraud amid the 2020 US Presidential election tipped the scales in favor of Joe Biden, whereas Trump “almost certainly” would have won if this were not the case. “Had the 2020 election been conducted like every national election has been over the past two centuries, wherein […]

Gerrymandering – Are All Elections Fraudulent?

COMMENT: Marty, Just like leading the country in election cheating (this isn’t a great site to reference, but it does list some of the “irregularities”  It appears Minnesota was also ahead of the con game with the results of the last census where Minnesota kept all its congressional seats even though it should have lost […]

Remote Accessible Vote-By-Mail (RAVBM) – Simplified Election Fraud

The United States of America is not a democracy nor a republic. Previously, I stated that at best we lived under a republic since we the people do not have ultimate power. The government has taken over more power in the last few years than ever before. Our elections are completely rigged and the United […]

One-Third of Americans Believe 2020 Election was Rigged

It was once a MAGA extremist conspiracy theory to question the results of the US 2020 Presidential Election. It began by orchestrating the capitol riots on January 6. The FBI infiltrated the crowd and allowed them to enter the capitol, then turned around and called it an insurrection. Every news outlet covered the topic for […]

Colorado Supreme Court Violates the Constitution Itself – 4 Justices Should be Criminally Charged Now

  I took some time before posting about this decision by the Colorado Supreme Court, which is an all-Democrat-appointed court, because what I had to analyze was from a legal viewpoint and not partisan in any way. What these four Colorado justices, with their names in white, have done is in fact nothing shy of […]

Soros Sets Focus on Defeating Trump

They simply cannot bring Donald Trump down as his supporters are extremely loyal. The globalist elite are in a panic – if the inditement doesn’t work, Trump will come out swinging with a vengeance. Trump has already vowed to prosecute all responsible for this fake witch hunt. Perhaps they underestimated the overwhelming amount of support […]

COVID Vaccine Required for LEGAL US Immigrants

There is an uptick in previously dormant viruses. Then again, countless people have entered America at the southern border illegally. Those who wish to come here on goodwill, legally abiding by US law, are forced to undergo a physical examination and receive the following vaccinations: Diphtheria Tetanus Pertussis Polio Measles Mumps Rubella Rotavirus Haemophilus influenzae […]

The Least Popular GOP Presidential Candidate

No one took Chris Christie seriously when he was the governor of New Jersey. People accuse him of turning voters to Obama in 2016 since he debated so poorly. Christie was disliked in New Jersey, so much so that he flipped the state blue when he left. He recently traveled to Ukraine to show that […]

Trump Indicted Again to Interfere in the 2024 Election

I have been warning that 2024 will be the most corrupt election in the history of the United States. Our computer has warned that we may not even have an election in 2024 which could be carried out not just on the massive scale of corruption, but they can stage a war to justify locking […]

The Stolen Election – 2004

During a recent interview, Robert F. Kennedy was criticized for claiming that the presidential election was rigged. The interviewer became silent when Kennedy corrected him by saying he never commented on the 2020 US Presidential Election. Instead, Kennedy had been vocal about George W Bush stealing the 2004 election. It does not matter if someone […]