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What If Biden Wins?

The problem we will face if Biden wins is that the Democrats are hell-bent on not just raising taxes, but demonetizing the dollar to end hoarding of cash, which is what other countries are demanding behind closed doors. Wall Street backed Biden, not Trump, as they did with Hillary. This was the most expensive election […]

Trudeau Has Joined the Conspiracy Theorists

Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, has just come out publicly confirming now that Trump is out of the way, they will bring about the Great Reset. They will achieve equality by reducing the wealth and employment of the middle class while the superrich will become the overlords of this new normal. They are deliberately destroying […]

Even the British Press has Conspired to Support Communism 3.0 – Again!

I will cancel my subscript to the Economist. I use to respect that magazine, but no longer. The Economist has gone beyond fake news; they are deliberately now supporting Communism as the press did with Stalin. The British Press has turned to nothing but propaganda, and they too are doing everything they can to create […]

Election is Being Stolen?

These are just two of the faces of the new Tyranny. When the history books are written, they will go down as two of the people who undermined our entire freedom. Jack Dorsey is probably the worst. He seems to think he is trying to bring back the fashion role of Rasputin. He may go […]

Germany Preparing to Postpone the 2021 Elections Already

  COMMENT: Dear Marty, as you already know the german federal parliament is called “Deutscher Bundestag“. The parliament has an institution called “Wissenschaftliche Dienste“. The staff there helps the representatives to get informations independently from the governmental executive. Wissenschaftliche Dienste wrote an advisory opinion about the question if the german federal election which is due […]

Will Big Tech Replace all the Banks?

COMMENT: Marty, It’s now so obvious…but no one has more to gain with the lockdown(and more to lose with its lifting) than Big Tech. The lockdown destroyed small and medium sized business, especially those that are in private hands. These were the real target of the lockdown…private property….collapse these businesses and you go at the […]

Klaus Schwab is Planned on Taking your 401K

COMMENT: Hey Martin … Americans for the most part think everything forthcoming “sounds” good, and essentially stay blind to all the gory details of The Great Reset. I try to explain it to a few people and it’s difficult to get a worried response UNTIL I say THEY WILL CONFISCATE YOUR 401K !!   That does it, […]

IMF’s New Bretton Woods Moment

COMMENT: The IMF & a new Bretton Woods? When are you going to admit that everything they are doing is because of you and your models? Fes-up! HC REPLY: I understand that it appears they have been following our models from the January 18, 2020 turning point to the Sovereign Debt Crisis and looking into […]

Klaus Schwab – The New Karl Marx Destined to Kill Hundreds of Millions

  So many people are really just ignorant. They think this election is about picking Trump v Biden. They are clueless because mainstream media is once again supporting this agenda of the Great Reset. Listen carefully to Schwab’s words. He expressly states “equality” which is the dream which began with Karl Marx. The New York […]

Schools – Equality – Oppression

COMMENT: Hi Martin, I wanted to comment about the blog posting ‘Fauci Belongs in Prison’. Having three children on remote learning by choice because we refuse to subject them to the draconian lockdowns at the school and mandatory mask requirements. Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t Hitler say something like, “Forget about the […]