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wec 2012

We will be providing three forecasting events around the globe – our famous World Economic Conferences in 2012: Bangkok (November 2 & 3rd, 2012), Berlin (December 1 & 2nd, 2012), and San Diego (Sept 22-23, 2012). This will be a two event covering the global economy with specific forecasting that will enable you to see the interconnected nature of the world economy. This will also include our famous cocktail party to allow everyone to network on Saturday night.

Seating will be limited and the price per seat will be US$2,000. These conferences will be our forecasting sessions where this affords a two way street for presentations, model discussions, and questioning. These events are exceptionally important as we head into one of the greatest and most confusing periods of economic history that we may face in the history of Western Civilization. We are confronted with a global crisis in confidence of epic proportion. Many can “feel” something is seriously wrong. Just as the government has desperately tried to prevent  our forecasting, they have so manipulated the economic statistics that even mainstream economists publicly admit that unemployment is being grossly misreported so that the press will never ask the real questions they do not wish to answer.

The Sovereign Debt Crisis that we face is far different than the typical doom & gloom you might be expecting. We are headed toward a Monetary Reform that will give birth to a new One World Currency. As the economic crisis worsens, governments worldwide will become especially more aggressive. The first reaction will be to harass the people and exploit as much in tax revenue as possible. Only when government succeeds in destroying the core frame work of the economy, then and only then will we emerge into a new economic world of a one world currency.

This is an incredibly important period in time that we face. We are trying to keep the price of seats down as much as possible to allow for those to attend in these hard times that we now face. Reservations are mandatory.

$2,000 for 2 Days including update service

$1,500 for 2 Days

$750 for 1 day