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Martin Armstrong introduced Margaret Thatcher 1996

Our World Economic Conferences are famous for being a comprehensive learning experience where people gain tremendous insight into the function of the global economy that is still never taught in university. They are two-way streets enabling participation rather than pure lecture. They always include a cocktail party to facilitate networking to meet people from around the world with common interests. You will learn also the most critical skill of all – observing the global capital flows to enable you to see the world in its connected splendor never seen by most right before your eyes on the screen before you as wee look at all the world markets collectively. These events have been call Mini-UNs.


Martin Armstrong - Margaret Thatcher

In 1996, former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher came to Address our conference demonstrating her own belief that government needs to look at the world from a cyclical perspective and not just linear trends.

Lady Thatcher’s Address MP3

90 Minute DVD – Understanding Cycles