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March 21st Cycle of War – Gold – Sovereign Debt Crisis Conference

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2014-Cycle War Conferences

The Cycle of War is turning up in 2014 and this cycle is already having a profound impact both internationally as well as internally around the globe. This cycle has been extremely accurate and has been established using a database that has indexed the war cycle distinguishing domestic conflicts (revolutions) from international war. This index stretches back to 600BC taking into consideration the area and percentage of the populations involved.


Occupy Wall Street 1Ukraine-Protest 2013The Occupy Wall Street demonstrations that hit around the world were just the beginning of the rise in the populations against the pervasive corruption that has engulfed the political landscape on a worldwide basis. The protests in New York were suppressed by the pro-Government Michael Bloomberg who cares more about stopping people from drinking soda than supporting the very principles of the Constitution and Liberty for All. The Occupy Wall Street movement was massive outside of the USA as illustrated here in Spain. We will see continued rising tensions with civil unrest in Europe that will spread around the globe.

Our greatest risk is that government knows it needs an escape valve. It has screwed up the future of everyone. There will be nothing left that we bargained for. They are far more clever than people surmise. You need an enemy to cover-up your own shit. For this reason, we will see the Cold War return and the confrontation between the USA and Russia is what they see as necessary (1) to maintain their power and justify their NSA abuse, and (2) to distract the population from losing their future at the real expense of government.

The driving force behind all movement is CONFIDENCE and this is the most critical aspect that we must come to understand if you even hope to survive the years ahead. This is not the classic Optimist v the Pessimist. There are times that when reality must be addresses. The Optimist and the Pessimist were standing on top of the tallest building in New York City when a gust of wind blows them off the edge. The Pessimist immediate begins to pray while the Optimist, after falling 100 floors, can be heard uttering with a smile as he passes the 4th floor – Well so far so good!

The Cycles of War, Gold & Sovereign Debt Crisis will be held at the Philadelphia Convention Center between 1 and 5PM. The seating is limited and will be on a first come first served basis. This session will include an overview for what is coming and the outlook for Gold into the years ahead without the hype and propaganda – just the real facts. Gold has never risen as a hedge against inflation – that is simply propaganda. It was $875 at the peak in 1980 when the Dow Jones Industrial Index reached 1,000. Gold subsequently never exceeded the 1980 high while the Dow has soared to the 16,000 level. For all the propaganda of gold being the great hedge, it was simple a hedge against making money. This conference will set the record straight for the next rally in gold has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with inflation or fictional hyperinflation.