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WEC Agenda

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World Economic Conference


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The fall we will be providing three World Economic Conferences around the world with much smaller audiences to enable questions, discussions, and interaction. This is being done to make for a much more personalized experience. Instead of 300 attendees as was the case in Philadelphia, this will be small groups to enable personal interaction with Martin Armstrong that he is famous for. In Bangkok, we may hold a third day for the general public as an overview without specific market forecasting, but a general overview of the world economy and what to expect.


These events will be provided for our informed clients with specific forecasting of all major markets on a correlated basis. This will enable clients to see the global economy and the capital flows that are driving the booms and busts internationally. This is critical because you need the conviction of your beliefs to really trade successfully. NEVER get married to a position. The NUMBERS are the NUMBERS and the market TELLS you what it wants to do, you do not tell it what to do. Far too many people blame others for their losses even market manipulations. However, manipulated markets are always within a trend that is clearly defined. No one can take a bear market and transform it into a bull market. Therefore, manipulations involve reactions. There are times international capital flows also create reactions that wipe out people still with the trend. For example, the silver manipulation we warned everyone about in 1997 still did not reverse the trend and silver made new lows thereafter.


We will be addressing the trading strategies for both the broad perspective for investors and the short-term for traders. This will enable you to understand the future and what we are facing in the months and years ahead. We will be reviewing the Sovereign Debt Crisis and its likely impact upon capital flows. As Herbert Hoover wrote: “In fact, there was a mass of gold and short-term credit which behaved like a loose cannon on the deck of the world in a tempest-tossed era.”  Precisely as capital acted during the Sovereign Debt Crisis of 1931, we should expect nothing different. This will drive volatility higher and confuse people as currently when the US share market rises in the face of fundamentals that imply further economic decline ahead.

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Investing – Trading


We will be going over each market providing the timing and reversals necessary to understand how each market will perform. We will be looking at each market both from an investment perspective as well as a trading opportunity. This will be important to enable you to survive the chaotic future that we face.

The greatest opponent is typically you own emotions. Many people proclaim that they are investors, yet when a market moves against them, they often panic and sell the reaction low chasing the market once again as it rallies back once again. This will often cause new investors great losses because of their confusion and lack of confidence in what is taking place.

Therefore, when we look at these markets, the primary goal is that you understand what is happening and why. This is not a time for nonsense and bogus theories that sound good, yet attempt to always reduce the explanation to a single cause and effect that cannot possibly exist within the world economy in its true dynamic form.

No matter what advice you obtain from whatever source you may have, unless you have confidence in that forecast it will be worthless. The key to the future is your understanding. When the 1987 Crash took place, professionals panicked and sold because when they called their broker and asked why the market was down, the reply was they did not know. Nothing had changed fundamentally. It was a selling-spree due to currency. Our model said that day was the low. Having that information is one thing. Having the courage to stand firm is another. That is CONFIDENCE that is so vital to investing & trading that such things cannot be provided by the latest guru. You have to understand WHY, HOW, and WHEN things are taking place in order to have the courage of your own convictions. This is what the World Economic Conference is all about; a meeting of the minds.


We will be covering:



World Stock Markets

(Europe: UK, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland; US & Canada; Australia; Japan; Singapore; Hong Kong; China and the South East Asian Region)


Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Copper, Nickel, Aluminum


Wheat, Corn, Soy-Complex, Sugar, Cocoa, Coffee, Cotton, Cattle, Lumber


Crude, Heating Oil, Natural Gas


Dollar, Euro, Yen, C$, A$, Pound, China, Russia


US 2, 5, 10, 30, Australia, Europe, Canada, Japan