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Women Across America in Danger Thanks to Open Borders

Laken Riley’s death by an illegal alien was entirely preventable. Absolutely nothing was done to prevent another similar situation from happening again, and now young women are being murdered by migrants all across America. The left has been suppressing these stories, but these women deserve justice. In Chicago, where only criminals are safe, another young […]

The US Border SLOWLY Becoming a Bipartisan Issue

The US border crisis is slowly, very slowly, becoming a bipartisan issue for the government. Blue cities and states have pleaded for help in recent months as crime rises and their budgets implode. Still, the majority of Democrats have not broken rank with their party regarding the border crisis. The House recently voted to implement […]

Terrorists Mock America While Crossing the Border

A migrant who illegally crossed into the United States threatened me, saying "You find out who I am very soon," simply because I asked him where he was from. These are the people @AliMayorkas @POTUS @DHSgov and @CBP are letting in. — 1strespondersmedia (@1strespondermed) January 21, 2024 The argument that people crossing the US […]

December Marked the Largest Border Breach in US History

The backlog at the US-Mexico border has surpassed 3 million. US Border Patrol processed over 225,000 migrants in the first 27 days of December. This does not include the thousands who bypassed the ports of entry, which in and of themselves is a complete joke as no one is required to prove their identity. American […]

Senate Blocks Foreign Border Spending Package

The Senate has prevented the US government from sending billions to aid foreign wars in a 49-51 vote. Republicans demanded that protections for the US border be implemented in the latest $111 billion spending package. The nation is spending billions on the illegals entering the country and those requesting a secure border are asking for […]

Biden Selling Border Wall Supplies to Ensure it is Never Constructed

It could not be any more evident that the Biden Administration is allowing a full-scale invasion of the US from the southern border. Trump asked for around $4 billion to secure the US-Mexico border wall, a small fraction of what the US is now spending on maintaining the countless illegal aliens. New York alone estimates […]

Title 42 to End – Border Crisis is About to Explode

Donald Trump noted in his interview with Nigel Farage that the US is expected to receive as many illegal immigrants as the population of NYC. The immigration problem is out of control and there is absolutely no way that the current economy can host such a large influx of undocumented people. Trump implemented Title 42 […]

Controlled Chaos at the Border

A border patrol agent from Uvalde, Texas, admitted that the situation at the US-Mexico border is worse than the mainstream media is reporting. The mainstream media may cause one to believe that a few desperate people in search of the American dream are crossing the border throughout the week. In reality, THOUSANDS of undocumented immigrants […]

Securing the Border

Former President Trump requested $5 billion to build the US-Mexico border wall. The amount shocked many who claimed it would be damaging to the economy and a waste of resources. However, a few short years later, the US agreed, with bipartisan support, to send 8X that amount to secure the Ukrainian border and protect them […]

Biden Tough on Border Policy — Not America’s

The Biden Administration is willing to shell out over $10 billion to secure the border – the Ukrainian border. On top of this, Biden is offering Ukraine $22.5 billion in aid for pandemic-related expenses. All of this is in addition to the $350 million spent to protect Ukraine’s borders, and the $1.4 billion spent on […]