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Class-Action Lawsuit Filed on Behalf of US Troops Discharged for Refusing Vaccine

Remember when the US government discharged 100,000 troops who refused to take the vaccine? They did so at a time when recruitment was at an all-time low and effectively prevented many from ever serving the country. Now, discharged troops are suing the Biden Administration for lost wages and benefits. This has become a class-action lawsuit […]

COVID Vaccine Required for LEGAL US Immigrants

There is an uptick in previously dormant viruses. Then again, countless people have entered America at the southern border illegally. Those who wish to come here on goodwill, legally abiding by US law, are forced to undergo a physical examination and receive the following vaccinations: Diphtheria Tetanus Pertussis Polio Measles Mumps Rubella Rotavirus Haemophilus influenzae […]

104 US College Have Not Repealed COVID Vaccine Mandate

“No College Mandates” is a group of parents, doctors, nurses, professors, and students who are working to end COVID-19 vaccination mandates. Many believe that mandates have ended, especially after the overwhelming evidence of the inefficiency of the vaccine. Yet, 104 colleges in the US continue to demand that students provide proof of vaccination to attend. […]

EU and WHO Plan Digital Vaccine Passports

The European Union and World Health Organization met in Geneva this week to discuss plans for “future pandemics.” Governments and global organizations still want to control the masses with forced vaccinations despite the utter failure of the mRNA vaccine that did nothing to prevent transmission or infection. Still, the EU and WHO are planning to […]

The Press is Doing Backflips Claiming Everything is Misinformation About COVID Vaccines

The Western press is so compromised because they pushed the vaccines and even were telling people not to let families member join for Christmas if they were not vaccinated. So anything now that shows that the vaccines were far more dangerous than anyone reported, they cannot now admit – Sorry – we were wrong and […]

CDC Quietly Recalls all Johnson & Johnson COVID Vaccines in US

This should have made headlines across the world. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention quietly told the US government to destroy all available Janssen/Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines. “Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine is no longer available in the U.S. All remaining U.S. government stock of Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine expired May 7, 2023. Dispose of any […]

FDA Study Finds COVID Vaccine Causes “Spontaneous Abortions”

An 8-page study entitled, “PREGNANCY AND LACTATION CUMULATIVE REVIEW” reveals that the FDA and Pfizer knew that the mRNA COVID vaccines were dangerous for pregnant and breastfeeding women. The study was conducted at the request of the FDA, but the agency is still encouraging this demographic to take the vaccines. They tracked 673 women, 458 […]

Fauci’s Door to Door Vaccine Campaign Fails

This video is circulating the internet that shows RESISTANCE IS NOT FUTILE. Dr. Anthony Fauci goes door to door, pressuring residents of Washington, DC, to take an experimental injection for an experimental virus he likely helped leak. Watch how the people destroy Fauci’s misinformation in a few short minutes. One woman explains to Fauci that […]

Injecting Vaccines into Food Supply

Injecting Vaccines into the Food Supply – Why?

We must really start to look at what the hell is going on. There are proposals to inject these vaccines into the food supply to thereby circumvent those who do not want to take vaccines. What is really the end objective here? It certainly is NOT to promote health and to ensure that society eliminates […]