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Parents Sue Indian Govt for COVID Vaccine Deaths

(Video of Indians in a village chasing out vaccination squads as their government forced the experimental vaccine on the population) “Doctors knew Covid vaccine’s side-effects killed my daughter. But they didn’t tell us,” one parent from India told a reporter from the Times of India. We know that AstraZeneca recently revealed their vaccine could cause […]

AstraZeneca Pulls COVID Vaccine

I reported that AstraZeneca was recently forced to admit that its vaccine could produce lethal side effects amid a class action lawsuit in the UK. The British-Swedish pharmaceutical company was required to finally admit that their vaccine can lead to Thrombocytopenic Syndrome TTS, an autoimmune response that can cause blood clots, internal bleeding, and death. AstraZeneca […]

AstraZeneca Admits Vaccine Had Lethal Side Effect

Vaccine manufacturers and health agencies have been silently admitting that their “safe and effective” COVID-19 mRNA vaccines have deadly side effects. AstraZeneca (AZN) is the latest manufacturer to admit that their vaccine was lethal as a class-action lawsuit attempts to hold the pharmaceutical company responsible. One of the first cases filed against the company came […]

Canadian Govt Offers Vaccine Victim Suicide as Compensation for Paralysis

Kayla Pollock, 37, was a healthy woman from Ontario with no medical issues. Everything changed with Kayla took the Moderna mRNA experimental vaccine on January 11, 2022. Four days later, she collapsed and could lost feeling in her legs. Her doctor suggested she see a neurologist. Kayla woke up one morning in February and was […]

Moderna combining COVID with Flu Vaccine – BEWARE

  We seriously need MAJOR political reform. Anyone who supports the absolute immunity for the Pharmaceutical Industry should be removed from office – NOW!!!!!! If one in every 10,000 General Motors cars blew up when you just turned the key but has absolute immunity from lawsuits, why fix the problem? I have a guy who […]

FDA Study: COVID Vaccine Increases Risk of Stroke Among Elderly

  The elderly were told to take the COVID vaccination as they were high-risk. Countless advertisements flooded our screens and airwaves for years, urging the most vulnerable to get the COVID-19 vaccine, boosters, and any other vaccination to prevent infection. Instead, people are experiencing ailments far worse than the coronavirus. We know that the vaccine […]

FL Surgeon General Urges a Halt to COVID Vaccines

The truth is coming out about the vaccines in 2024. Those living in Florida may have received a notification this week from Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo’s office warning the public that the vaccination is not safe. The FDA warned Lapado last month that questioning the vaccine would be considered “misinformation,” but he ignored their […]

Former Bill Gates’ Vaccine Scientist forecast

"What we will see is completely unprecedented in terms of magnitude of the wave of morbidity and unfortunately mortality…up to 30-40% in highly vaccinated countries." -Former Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation vaccine scientist @GVDBossche on VSRF LIVE. — Vaccine Safety Research Foundation (@VacSafety) December 15, 2023 Our computer has forecasted this for post-2032: there […]

Vaccines Can Be an Undisclosed Risk

A 15-month-old healthy girl was given three vaccines at the same time and died two days later. When you get some prescribed drug from your doctor, there is a warning: do not take it with something else. That is what is missing with vaccines. One of my employees cannot take any vaccine. His entire family […]

New Zealand Arrests Their Version of Snowdon who Exposed Deaths by Vaccine

The number one reason I refused to get vaccinated was the fact that once the government got involved, there would NEVER be (1) any recourse but (2) no accountability.  I have worked with governments for over 40 years. NO government will EVER admit a mistake. Thus, once the government evolved, BEWARE! Every politician who accepted […]