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The Hypocrisy Behind the Vaccines

COMMENT: Am I just outright stupid, or is something seriously wrong with the majority of people? Bill Gates had his summit on overpopulation and how this is a serious crisis. Yet then he claims he can reduce disease and save the population with vaccines. Gates especially seems to want to save humanity which he on the […]

G20 To Impose COVID Vaccine to Restrictions on International Travel

The world masters dictating to us, the scum of the earth, have adopted under the pretense of the COVID vaccine the means to shut down migration and travel internationally. This will naturally further restrict global economic growth, and everywhere we turn, these people claiming to be world leaders are leading us into a cliff on […]

New Study: COVID Vaccine Effectiveness Turns Negative Over Time

By now, we all know multiple people who have been tripe vaccinated but still caught the virus numerous times. CDC director Rochelle Walensky even came down with COVID last week despite following the “science.” Researchers with Moderna and Kaiser Permanente found that the effectiveness rate of three doses was over 50% after 150 days against […]

Montage of Washington Claiming Vaccines Prevent Transmission

Australia to Pay Funeral Expenses of Those Who DIED From Mandatory Vaccine

Australia imposed some of the harshest lockdown laws in the world. They built quarantine camps and forcibly imprisoned citizens. They mandated the “safe and effective” vaccine – and now, they are offering to cover the funeral expenses of those who have died from the jab. This is not a parody. The Australian Government has implemented […]

Pfizer Climate Change Vaccine

Pfizer Never Tested the Vaccine Against Transmission

Socrates has been predicting a downturn for Pfizer’s stock. Could this newly released admission be one of the culprits? A senior Pfizer executive, Janine Small, testified before the European Parliament’s COVID committee. When Dutch MEP Rob Roos asked about the vaccine’s ability to prevent transmission, Small revealed a well-kept secret. “Did we know about stopping […]

Florida Surgeon General Silenced by Twitter – Young Men are Dying from COVID Vaccine

  Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo posted a warning on Twitter only to have the platform silence him. It is his responsibility to inform the public of potential health hazards. There should be a crackdown of Twitter for stifling free speech. The surgeon general’s tweet was reinstated after the weekend amid backlash. Hopefully, their […]

Canada to End Vaccine Mandates

Canada is finally ending the absurd COVID vaccine mandates. No, Trudeau did not come to his senses. The truth of the matter is that the majority of people dying from COVID are the triple and quadruple vaccinated. In fact, they account for 90% of COVID-related deaths in the past three months. There is true mass […]

UK Bans COVID Vaccine for Children Under 12

Big Pharma is continually pushing these vaccinations onto every member of the global population. Yet, the data coming out (eventually) cannot be ignored. UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) claims that “the offer of Covid jabs to healthy five to 11-year-olds was always meant to be temporary.” How can a gene-modifying mRNA vaccine be temporary? This […]