Domitianus – 268 AD


Gallic Usurper circa 268 AD

Gaius Domitianus was a usurper known from several sources. He is said to have been the victor over the Emperor Macrianus. However, it has also been suggested that Macrianus was defeated by Aureolus, the rebel general of the siege of Milan (see Gallienus). After his victory (over someone), Domitianus established himself at Gallia Aquintania where he proclaimed himself Emperor and a descendant of the EmperorDomitian (how that could have been is uncertain and most likely false). Domitianus did strike his own coinage, of which a single unique specimen has been found. Exactly how he came to an end is also not certain. Nonetheless, based upon the style of the only known specimen, it is clear that he was of Gallic origin. He may have been a contender for the throne following the assassination of Postumus and quite possibly defeated by either Marius or Victorinus.

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