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Hunt for Cash – Vancouver Airport Seized $18.7 million from Travelers

Over the past 3 years, Vancouver has seized at its airportĀ $18.7 million in undeclared cash of which 70% has been from Chinese. The hunt for money is really outrageous that it is all about taxes and our property rights have been lost. All governments are acting like common criminals robbing people of their property claiming […] read more

Hunt for Taxes: Safe-Deposit Boxes Under Attack

HSBC is alteringĀ its oversight of safe-deposit boxes in Hong Kong. Governments are targeting safe-deposit boxes to look for cash that is hiding from taxation. HSBC, a U.K. bank, is now moving against claimed financial crimes by altering conditions for safe-deposit boxes. This is becoming a global trend. Anything of value that is stored in a […] read more

Plagues & Changes in Economics ā€” The Hunt for Taxes

QUESTION: I assume you have studied this hunt for money government goes through. Has it always ended in the collapse of government? read more

India & the Hunt for Money

COMMENT: hi marty, i am from india. You ve no idea how much your blogs have helped me understand the duplicity of our governments. The Government has made mandatory registering our PAN card with the dealer for any purchase made for even as low as 2 lakh rupees (3600 dollars). They are literally hunting for […] read more

The Global Hunt for Money

COMMENT: Dear Martin, The hunting for taxes is a non stop game in Portugal. Now, the new government, decided to increase fuel taxes as they said because “oil price is going down and government is getting less VAT due to lower prices.”. This was THE OFFICIAL government explanation to add a special tax on fuel! […] read more

The Hunt for Money: Tracking Real Estate Off the Grid

It has been only a matter of time. The U.S. Treasury will begin tracking high-end real estate to see where the money comes from because many properties are selling for CASH without mortgages. The news release on January 13, 2016, states: The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) today issued Geographic Targeting Orders (GTO) that will […] read more

The Hunt for Loose Change

I returned from Berlin dressed casually in jeans for the overnight flight. I was so busy with meetings I hadn’t the time to even buy a t-shirt. When I collected my luggage, I was pulled by customs. They didn’t care that I had absolutely ZERO to declare. Their first question:Ā “How much cash do you have […] read more

Belgium & the Hunt for Taxes

COMMENT: Dear Marty,   Thnx for all the insights.   Since a couple of months at a drive in chain in Belgium (Arlon) a couple of miles from the Luxembourg border it’s not possible to pay with 500euro nor with 200 euro notes anymore! That’s on of the proofs they are hunting people with money…. […] read more

Banks Become the Target of the Hunt for Taxation

A very serious issue in banking has arisen that bears watching. Our model has been warning is that the bankers are losing control of government and are now becoming their target. While the likelihood of this new legislation coming out of the Senate and over the House may not be so great, nonetheless, this bill […] read more

The Tax Hunt for Loose Change – Germany To Cause Mass Exit of Existing Assets

Well if you ever neededĀ PROOFĀ that gold is not money, but rather simply an asset class, all you need to do is look at what governments are doing. They are hunting forĀ anythingĀ of value. We are likely going to see a migration of assets from Europe to the USA, as took place prior and during World War […] read more