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Google Loses Court Case in UK Over Privacy

  Google lost a case in UK where people want to sue them for tracking their surfacing habits. This is one thing that should be voluntary.

Apparently Our Blog is Now Suggested by Google

FBI James Comey Attacks Apple & Google

FBI director James Comey, who used to be the head prosecutor in NYC the most corrupt office in the system, had come out swinging at Apple and Google for developing forms of smartphone encryption so secure that law enforcement officials cannot easily gain access to information stored on the devices – even when they have […]

European High Court Rules Against Google

Following the ECJ judgment EU citizens may apply for the cancellation of search listings on Google. The verdict triggered a veritable wave of fire fighting applications. Google has received more than 70,000 requests for deletion of their search files, including about 12,000 applications from Germany alone. Overall, it comes to the removal of more than […]

Google – The New Bank – Rollover BitCoin & Banks – Its the Internet Revolution

The real birth in electronic money is not Bitcoin, but Google Wallet. Standing in line at Starbucks you will see the under 25 crowd pay with their cell phones. Sorry, but Google is already there. Bitcoin cannot compete nor will traditional banks. Just as Amazon reduced book publishers to a subservient role at their direction, […]

Google Wins Searchable Books

Google won in the SDNY and may now make millions of copyrighted scanned books searchable on the Internet. A New York judge Denny Chin of the SDNY dismissed a lawsuit from the U.S. Authors’ Guild, seeking money simply for authors because their books are searchable. Quiet honestly, digitization of works is furthering knowledge and  I myself have […]

Google in Trouble in UK

Google in trouble for sucking up private wi-fi data in networks in the UK. The question is why even do this? Is this data given to the NSA?

Beam Me Up Scotty is Here!

  Beam me up, Scotty! At last, the dream of teleportation is becoming a reality. All we need is someone on another planet or starship to save us from this human catastrophe these idiots are creating. In a recent experiment that seems straight out of a Star Trek episode, an international team of researchers has […]

Swarthmore & the Green Tents Bought to Start Civil Unrest & Revolution?

COMMENT: I was on the Swarthmore campus this afternoon and couldn’t help but notice the same green tents as I’ve seen in some of the other Gaza protest pics. More evidence perhaps of a coordinated effort. CF REPLY: Columbia University is canceling its large university-wide commencement ceremony amid ongoing pro-Palestinian protests. This is a major […]

Republican Zionists Collaborating to Buy TikTok

China is NOT the reason that Congress nearly unanimously agreed to ban TikTok – the final frontier of free speech. America relies on China for the majority of its pharmaceuticals. China is America’s largest trade partner, and most of the products we use daily are made in China. There have been state provisions, but not […]