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Biden’s Gifts Continue to Flow to Hamas

Breaking News Israel: US weapons left behind in Afghanistan used to attack Israel. A high-ranking Israel Defense Forces (IDF) commander said US weapons left in Afghanistan by the Biden administration were found in the hands of Palestinian groups active in the Gaza Strip. The… — Jim Ferguson (@JimFergusonUK) October 8, 2023 The $6 billion […]

Greta Poses for the Cameras Amid Arrest

Greta Thunberg is willing to defy the authorities to fight climate change, or at least that is what they want you to believe. They paint this young girl as a radical activist when she is planted counter-opposition. Greta was arrested for the second time last week for refusing to leave a sit-in at a protest […]

Chinese Migrants Actively Breaching US Military Sites

This entire migrant crisis would not be permitted to occur under anyone but the untouchable Joe Biden. Reports have circulated at the Department of Defense, and FBI tracked more than 100 incidents of Chinese citizens breaching military bases by posing as tourists. I mentioned in an earlier blog how there were reports of military-aged Chinese […]

Comments From Around the World

  COMMENT #1: Mr. Martin; I read your private blog and your comment that “They stopped counting the votes halfway through and proclaimed Zelensky the winner, which was all rigged.” Nobody I know voted for Zelensky. He was installed by the West and the Oligarchs to wage war and fill their pockets with dollars. Even […]

The Online News Act Bill C-18

The Canadian government does not want people sharing news stories online. The government should be the sole source of information. The Online News Act (Bill C-18) would require social media platforms and online sources to compensate Canadian news agencies for sharing news online. A report by Angus Reid found that 85% of Canadians do not […]

Federal Court Bars Biden from Banning Free Speech

Judge Terry Doughty favored the people in the Missouri v. Biden case. The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals will hear the case in the near future, but the ruling stands. This is pending an appeal because the current propaganda machine refuses to be dismissed. The Ministry of Truth is completely unconstitutional. The Biden Administration believes […]

Sound of Freedom Blacklisted by Woke Elite

  The movie “Sound of Freedom” exposes the darkest corner of our society – child trafficking. The film should not be controversial but the mainstream media and Hollywood blacklisted the film because they are protecting those involved. Simply Google the film and you will see articles from EVERY news outlet condemning the film as a […]

West’s Russian Propaganda Changing History?

COMMENT: Thank you for your neutrality. I would point out that the West has rewritten history as if Russia had no role in defeating Hitler. Russia occupied Berlin for two months before the Americans and British arrived. They act as if Russia was never there. Thank you once again BV ANSWER: You are correct. The […]

Espionage Act & Abuse of Power

Many people have written in and asked how can Trump be charged under the Espionage Act. There is probably no other Act that has been so abused than this statute. It has been responsible for witch hunts and the deliberate execution of people the prosecutors knew were innocent. This Act has silenced people, been used […]

The Democrats are Silencing RFK

The Democrats are afraid of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. He is exposing the truth behind their lies, and the powers that be are silencing him. YouTube has begun scrubbing videos featuring RFK from their site as they with anyone who questioned the pandemic. He already has a massive platform from his famous father and uncle. […]