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Mar-A-Lago v Hunter Biden Art

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Georges Bergès Gallery (@georgesbergesgallery) As a reminder, the United States has two tiers of justice and the current administration may be the most corrupt in the history of the United States. This is why it is concerning that the Biden Administration wants to seize private enterprise […]

WhatsApp Message Show Joe and Hunter Biden Threatening Chicom Associate

Before Joe Biden’s mind deteriorated, he was helping his son make big moves in China and Ukraine. Text messages have been released that show Hunter Biden threatening a CHICOM official while allegedly sitting next to his father, the then-vice president. “I will make certain that between the man sitting next to me and every person […]

The Hunter Biden Tax Scandal

Hunter Biden for 2024

Joe is too old and he just reads the cue cards anyway for those who are really the president like Dick Cheney was behind Bush and Hillary behind Bill. Let’s not have any more surrogate presidents. Hunter Biden has shown amazing qualifications. He was a top executive in a Ukrainian Energy Company so he has […]

Hunter Biden Countersues Laptop Repair Shop Owner

Computer repair shop owner John Paul Mac Isaac was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He found the horrendous, unspeakable content on Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell. John Paul thought he did the right thing by contacting the authorities, but they were in the Biden crime family’s pocket. The FBI stormed his shop […]

Hunter Biden on Gun Safety

President Biden is worried about firearms falling into the hands of criminals, like his son, Hunter. Hunter Biden filled out BATFE Form 4473 in October 2018 and purchased a .38 caliber revolver from a shop in Delaware. Hunter claimed he was not on drugs at the time of purchase, as it is illegal to sell […]

Hunter Biden’s Laptop – Funding Bioweapons in Ukraine

Hunter Biden’s Laptop is the gift that keeps giving. It has now surfaced that Hunter did help finance a US military ‘bioweapons’ research program in Ukraine. This is confirming that Putin’s allegations are in fact not totally propaganda. This is being confirmed even by the London Daily Mail. Little by little the truth ALWAYS surfaces. […]

Hunter Biden & the Plot to Cover it All Up

QUESTION: You have been silent on the Hunter Biden story. Would you care to comment sometime? DN ANSWER: I try to be cautious because this is the most corrupt election in history. I was skeptical because about two months before there was sent to me a 64-page document that was claiming a connection of Joe […]

Greenwald Forced to Resign as the Intercept Protects Biden Censoring all Hunter Biden

I seriously think there is no human being who could have honestly forecast that this election would be the most corrupt election in American history years in advance. What is going on is far beyond what I think anyone would have ever imagined. If you wrote a book outlining this, it would have been rejected […]

Biden Preparing to Pardon Hunter?

I cannot believe my own ears. There are people even talking about Biden pardoning his own son Hunter calling the investigation against him a political witchhunt. But that does not apply to Trump? Just when you thought politics could not stoop any lower, it always finds new lows. Just how do you pardon Hunter when […]