Timing on S&P 500 Futures

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Timing Array For S&P 500 Futures

When looking at the Timing Arrays note the timing models labelled along the left side and a series of histograms vertically aligned with dates into the future. In this case each date represents the beginning of a week. Normally the higher the histogram for each timing model the more likely that something significant will happen that week. (For a more complete understanding of the Timing Models, see “Models”). Since no one timing model works 100% of the time, we take a generalized view of all timing models. With this in mind, look for dates when all the timing models show high histograms. On the chart it will stand out as a almost a vertical block—see the week of August 12th. Note that on the week of August 12th we have a whole range to timing models with high histograms. Of special note is the fact that you can expect “Directional Change”, “High Volatility”, and “Panic” during the week of August 12th.