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Timing on Gold & Silver Cash Index

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Bifurcation is a model based on Chaos Theory. In this case we see the Gold & Silver Index threatening further Lows but as you see here Bifurcation suggests at least a temporary low in the making. If you are not familar with our Bifurcation Model click here.

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Also, note that the Timing Array below shows DIRECTIONAL CHANGE and HIGH VOLATILITY the week beginning July 29th. If the Gold and Silver Index is recovering from this week’s lows into next week then the following week might provide an acceleration of this recovery. Having said all this, it is risky trading on cycles alone. You need a system that provides trigger points—price levels—at which you jump in and buy the market. For this we use the Reversal System. See Models for an explanation or give us a call and ask for Jim Smith (ph: 609- 987-0600).

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