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Timing on Deutsche Mark

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The difference in time from the Low of March 10th, 1995 thru the High of May 31st, 1996 carried forward from the High (May 31, 1996) projects a potential turning point the week of August 11th, 1997. If the week of August 11th, 1997 will be an important turning point, perhaps one year prior should also be important (an anniversary “Back From the Future”). Interestingly enough the week of August 5th (close enough) is indicated for Directional Change and High Volatility according to our timing models (see below). As I write (July 31st) the dollar is sliding against the DM. It is possible the dollar will find a temporary Low the week of August 5th or we may see a rapid acceleration of the dollar selloff from that week; either way, the more exciting events are still off on the horizon.

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BACK TO THE FUTURE: Take another look at the chart with the arc. The point in time at which the line bisects the arc is the week of March 24th, 1997. According to Bifurcation this is usually a significant turnining point. Also, from the Monthly Timing Arrays (see below) we see that the month of March is indicated for Directional Change. Finally, important Highs and Lows tend to occur for the Deutschmark in March. Feb 28th, 1985 was the most significant High for the Dollar against the DM (3.45DM/$)in the 80’s. Ten years later we had a significant Low at 1.3455 on March 10th, 1995. 12 years on from the 85′ High brings us BACK TO THE FUTURE. Get your calendar out and mark “Turning Point for DM Week of March 24th, 1997”. ]

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