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Google’s AI – Not Really AI

  On Instagram Real AI is not biased. What is being presented as AI is merely clever programming that is steering people into a predetermined conclusion – that is NOT AI.

Google and Election Interference

  Anyone with access to the internet from 2019 to 2020 can tell you that Google did, in fact, meddle in the 2020 US Presidential Elections in favor of then-candidate Joe Biden. Media Research Center found that Google interfered 41 times over the last 16 years, which is a drastic underestimation. Google continues to interfere […]

WEF & Google Conspire Against the People

  There is nobody on our side in anything. All they are doing is manipulating society for their own agenda. They refuse to allow any debate and this is part of the Decline & Fall of Western Society as we move into 2032. They see the world only from their self-interest and cannot grasp that […]

Google Found Guilty of Violating EU Anti-Trust Laws

Google has been found guilty of violating anti-trust laws by the European Union’s General Court, the second-highest court in the EU. In 2017, Google was accused of violating anti-trust laws by altering its algorithm to favor its shopping services over competitors. Despite maintaining innocence, the EU General Court ruled against the company and implemented a […]

3rd Attempt to Publish This Google Interferes

COMMENT: You spread disinformation. Climate change exists and if we have to all lockdown to save the planet for two or three years, then that’s what we have to do. You are destroying our future. EH REPLY: Thank you for your hate mail. It’s nice to see how easy it is for small minds to […]

Google MUM Search Engine – Is it Dangerous?

QUESTION: What is your opinion of this new Google MUM AI search engine? HU ANSWER: It is for complex searches, and it is using a neural net. What you must understand is that a neural net is capable of finding things within a database. It is not capable of original analysis. IBM’s Watson was touted […]

Is Socrates Really Different than the Major AI Systems of even IBM & Google?

QUESTION: Martin, I know you have your AI in Socrates, but do you really believe that entities like DARPA with teams of people have never created a classified AI system or multiple AI systems that are suppressed from public knowledge? I think you may be overlooking governments’ ability to suppress plans as they were able […]

Congress Requests Google to End Free Speech

Congress Letter to Google Katherine Anne Castor who is the Democrat from the 14th district in Florida who is an attorney who apparently became a politician because she has difficulty with understanding the First Amendment Freedom of Speech. She has amazingly sent a letter to the head of Google asking him to violate the First […]

Google Manipulating the News?

There were allegations raised that Google was manipulating the news to help Hillary. They allegedly steered 2.6 million votes to Hillary and had far more of an impact upon the 2016 election than Russians. A whistleblower at Google has come out and warned that things are getting worse. Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies came out and […]

Is Google – not Russia – Manipulating US Elections?

  COMMENT: So Democrats and Republicans both believe that Americans are too stupid to make up their own minds about who to vote for is essentially the problem. They can be manipulated, indoctrinated, bullied and fooled. That sounds about right. They are educated but know nothing, and if they’re not educated they know even less. […]