Julia Soaemias – Mother

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Julia Soaemias

JULIA SOAEMIAS  Denominations

Mother of Elagabalus
Murdered in 222 AD

Julia Soaemias was the daughter of Julia Maesa and mother of Elagabalus. Julia was indeed very much like her son in many ways particularly when it came to religion. Both Julia and Elagabalus were fanatically devoted to the worship of the Sun-God Elagabalus, which is why history refers to him by the name of the Sun-God. Julia’s fate was to be murdered at the same time as her son in 222 AD. Their bodies were dragged from the palace and thrown into the Tiber river.

Monetary System

Mints: Rome

Obverse Legends:


Portrait Styles:

1) Draped bust right
2) Draped bust right with Diadem


AU Aureus (6.46 grams)
AR Antoninianus
AR Denarius (3.31-2.1 grams)
AR Denarius (with diadem)
AR Quinarius
Æ Sesterius (20.81 grams)
Æ Dupondius or As (10.9 grams)
Æ Tetradrachm, Egypt (12.49 grams)

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