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Annia Faustina – 2nd Wife

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Annia Faustina


Wife of Elagabalus
221-222 AD

Aurelia Faustina was Emperor Elagabalus’s third wife. Annia was a distant descendant of the nephew of former Emperor Marcus Aurelius, who was a Roman Consul Marcus Ummidius Quadratus Annianus. Consequently, Annia was of noble descent as the only child of the wealthy heiress Annia Faustina, who had been married to a well-known Roman Senator and former consul, Tiberius Claudius Severus Proculus. Annia was, therefore, a descendant of the former ruling Antonine dynasty of the Roman Empire.

Annia was married in 221 AD to Elagabalus, and many cheered, given her background, that the days of Marcus Aurelius would return. Annia was the mother of two small children previously, and that gave good hope that she would produce a natural heir of noble birth. However, they had no children despite their high hopes. Elagabalus divorced her after failing to get her pregnant and returned to Julia Aquilia Severa, remarrying her as his fourth wife. After her marriage, Annia Faustina returned with her children to the Pisidian Estate; she spent the final years of her life there, apparently unmolested by Elagabalus, perhaps thanks to her noble birth.

Monetary System

AnniaFaustina AE Sestertius

Mints: Rome, Egypt, PHRYGIA. Hierapolis, LYDIA. Thyatira, Pisidia Antioch


AR Denarius
AE Sestertius

Note: Roman Mint denominations are exceptionally rare. You may never see one in a lifetime. Given her popularity outside of Rome, we see more provincial coinage has survived.

AnniaFaustina AE Tetradrachm Egypt


AE Tetradrachm
AE Tetradrachm with Elagabalus (Rare)

AnniaFaustina AE Phrygia

PHRYGIA. Hierapolis

AE27 Tetrassarion

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