Eugenius – 392-394 AD

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392-394 AD

Emperor in the West

Flavius Eugenius was a teacher of rhetoric in Rome. Eugenius was a friend of the great orator Symmachus, by whom he was recommended to the Frankish general Arbogastes, the defacto ruler in Gaul at this time and caretaker of Valentinian II. About three months after the suicide, or possible murder, of Emperor Valentinian II, Arbogastes made a bid for independent power by proclaiming Eugenius as Emperor in the West on August 22nd, 392 AD, since his barbarian descent barred him from imperial office. In the spring of 393 AD, Eugenius and Arbogastes invaded Italy. Eugenius’ pagan sympathies then led him to restore the altar of Victory in the Senate House in Rome, which had been removed by Emperor Gratian eleven years before. Theodosius I, Emperor in the East and protector of Valentinian II, now decided to take immediate retaliatory action. Theodosius marched to the West, invading Italy and defeating his rivals at the battle of the Frigidus. Eugenius was executed, and Arbogastes committed suicide rather than face the wrath of his former master.

Monetary System

Mints: Arelate, Lugdunum, Milan, Rome, Treveri

Obverse Legends:



AU Solidus (4.50 grams)
AU Tremissis (1.45 grams)
AR Miliarense (4.50 grams)
AR Reduced Siliqua (2.25 grams)
AR ½ Siliqua (1.12 grams)
AE4 (13 mm)

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