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Forecasting Against the Wind

  The leading story for the sell-off has been Wall Street’s shock by the mounting worries over instability in China and emerging markets. The tumultuous decline has sent investors clamoring to race into safe-haven assets amid the confusion. Why anyone missed this is really befuddling since China’s share market peaked in 2007 and the rally […] read more

False Move = August Low in Dow

A false move is measured from the high, not current time. Therefore, a FALSE MOVE would be two to three months from the May high in the Dow, which means an August low. That can be on a closing basis with an intraday in September and a rally for the close, or it is just an August […] read more

Berlin WEC November 28 & 29

Unquestionably, the overwhelming majority of “analysts” are predicting “a stock market crash for the fall of 2015”. Most predictions are centered on our target date, plus or minus a few days. We are in a period where the central banks are against the wall and are indeed defenseless against any market implosion. But are we […] read more

The Mad Max Event

QUESTION: Martin, Can you explain more fully why you are expecting the market to rally post 2015.75 while at the same time the economy turns down? Is it merely capital flows domestically as the international economy worsens further, which will ultimately wash up on the shores of the US?  At that point should we expect […] read more

The Future & 2015.75

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, a friend introduced me to your site. He said you are the source and everyone, even the most famous, seem to reshape their forecasts to mimic you in one way or another. Some have the audacity to pretend they have their own models with dates just a few days either way to […] read more

The ECM Date October 1 = Fiscal Year-End

Congress kicked the can down the road to precisely the ECM target date. This is when the government will go into shutdown mode. There is a greater than 50/50 chance that there will be no deal to extend the debt ceiling, which never ends. This merely reflects that there is no control over fiscal spending, […] read more

Middle East Turning Net Borrowers?

Further evidence that 2015.75 is really the peak in a Massive Debt Bubble: The Middle East has always been on a cash basis as their revenues from oil exempted them from ever borrowing money – that is not the case today. As oil prices rose, spending programs also anticipated no end in sight. So as […] read more

Government Has Gone Insane – That’s What a Phase Transition Is All About

“Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad,” was spoken by Prometheus in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem “The Masque of Pandora”. This seems to be very appropriate to explain our government officials for they are truly insane when it comes to economics. This is all about them sustaining a failed system that is unsupportable. They refuse to look […] read more

The Bond Bubble – Confirmed

The BUBBLE for 2015,75 should be the bond market – not stocks. The capital flows should move into the typical flight to quality mode and drive rates even lower. This will set the stage for BIG BANG. To accomplish that, we should see the stock markets tread water, but not necessarily drive off the cliff. […] read more

Outlook for the Dow

The Dow may have established a temporary high in May on our turning point. We have seen three Daily Bearish Reversals elected from the May 19 high and now support lies at 17745 on our daily models. We need a closing back above 18195 to stabilize the market right now. However, on the weekly level, […] read more