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How Stocks Rise in an Economic Decline

QUESTION: Marty, Japan is in another recession but the Nikkei continues to go up!! I assume this is mainly because of the carry trade?? Your thought, please. Regards, RC  ANSWER: This is the New Age of Economics. When you enter a Sovereign Debt Crisis, people lose confidence in government. When that takes place, capital moves […] read more

Deflation – When Will It End?

QUESTION:  Dear Martin, It is CRYSTAL clear that your call for a deflationary cycle has been right on the mark. No one else saw it coming. The changes that are part of this were not as visible even a few years ago like they are now. (Of course they were to you!) I can see […] read more

The Federal Reserve: Part I “The Creature from Jekyll Island”

QUESTION: Hello Martin- Great work and I wish you the best. One question regarding your recent email alerts from your blog in regards to the “money out of thin air” discussion that was/is going on. What is your opinion on how G. Edward Griffen’s book, “The Creature From Jekyll Island”, relates to the discussion on […] read more

Monopoly Game & Single Tax Movement

History is all about amazing connections between ideas and events that become reality. We far too often forget our origins of customs and terms. For example, New Jersey is named after Julius Caesar – Nova Caesaria (land of the new Caesar). A Caesarian birth is named after how he was born and of course July […] read more

Ukrainian Food Riots

The CONFIDENCE in the Ukrainian government is collapsing. The price of food is soaring as people now believe their currency will buy less with each passing day. The hrynya has fallen below 4 cents US. Like German Hyperinflation, here too we see people trying to spend their money on food as soon as they get it. To […] read more

Crisis in Socialism or Capitalism

There is a debate going on that tries to paint the economic crashes as due to capitalism and we should all follow Marx and eliminate wealth handing 100% of all power to government. There are really a lot of people who think communism was correct and the problem is capitalism thanks to greedy bankers. To […] read more

The Paradox of Inflation/Deflation

QUESTION:  Martin   You have really added dimensions to my thinking. Thank you very much. One thing that continues to puzzle me is how empire’s die and inflation/deflation. I get the part about the deflationary aspects of killing the economy via regulation and taxation. It is right in front of us every day. I get […] read more

The Euro & The Waterfall Projection – Judgment Day

  We have not seen a Waterfall Projection on any market in years. All of a sudden, it showed up in Euro and in Oil. Those who have been with us for decades will notice that the projection for the high was virtually a perfect formation at the top of the circle based upon the […] read more

Deflation v Inflation – Comprehending What Will Come

QUESTION: Martin, While I clearly understand your reasoning for deflation in the US allied to a very strong dollar; does the opposite apply to those countries, like the UK and European economies where their currencies are likely going into freefall? Keep up the brilliant work. Is the movie coming to the UK? AB ANSWER: Yes. […] read more

Can Money Just be Devalued Creating Deflation as a Solution?

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Is it possible that governments devalue currencies to confiscate capital like taxes? It really does not seem likely that these people have any intention of moving into hyperinflation. They are increasing money supply but at a slower rate than the destructive deflation. It clearly appears governments are in a confiscation mode and […] read more