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The Check and Balance is the Debt Itself

QUESTION:  Hi Martin, You correctly (I believe) describe what will happened: Today it appears that we will first eliminate the paper currencies and move to a new electronic version to make avoiding taxes impossible. Hence people will flee to tangible assets and the velocity of money will decline taking the economy with it. That will […] read more

Crisis in Socialism or Capitalism

There is a debate going on that tries to paint the economic crashes as due to capitalism and we should all follow Marx and eliminate wealth handing 100% of all power to government. There are really a lot of people who think communism was correct and the problem is capitalism thanks to greedy bankers. To […] read more

The Paradox of Inflation/Deflation

QUESTION:  Martin   You have really added dimensions to my thinking. Thank you very much. One thing that continues to puzzle me is how empire’s die and inflation/deflation. I get the part about the deflationary aspects of killing the economy via regulation and taxation. It is right in front of us every day. I get […] read more

COVID-19 Tearing Families Apart

COMMENT: Mart, this is tearing my family apart. I can no longer even speak to my son. He is against Trump simply because he does not like him personally or his tweets. I try to explain this should not turn on those issues. This is a war for your future. My son will not listen […] read more

Edinburgh Seminar April 29, 1997 Transcript

  Princeton Economics International, Ltd. Edinburgh Transcript April 29, 1997     I would like to begin today with a brief overview as to how we at Princeton look at markets. For those of you who attended last year’s conference I will try to be as brief as possible.   Effectively, our models are based […] read more

The Euro & The Waterfall Projection – Judgment Day

  We have not seen a Waterfall Projection on any market in years. All of a sudden, it showed up in Euro and in Oil. Those who have been with us for decades will notice that the projection for the high was virtually a perfect formation at the top of the circle based upon the […] read more

Draghi Emerges from Jackson Hole Stating Germany is Wrong

Mario Draghi, head of European Central Bank (ECB), emerges from Jackson Hole urging what some see as a surprising departure from the economical state imposed by Germany. The flood of money the ECB had not shown, together with the recent austerity measures have not had the desired economic effect. Draghi is now advocating state growth programs and […] read more

The Death of Representative Government – The Real Conspiracy – Crisis in Democracy

While people contrive secret groups that seek world domination, the real threat we have is directly in front of us – it is Republican Governments that masquerade as Democracies and are as evil as the Roman Republic that caused the civil war. The propaganda against Julius Caesar has survived to this day and has wrongly […] read more

Wiemar Republic & Gresham’s Law

QUESTION: Hello Mr. Armstrong, Thank you for taking the time to address the questions that I and many others who follow your work have asked. In your most recent answer to a readers question, you state, “Therefore, it was the complete lack of CONFIDENCE in the government that (1) caused the hoarding, and…..”  From what I have read […] read more

How Capital Moves – Outward then Inward

QUESTION: Hello Martin, In your ‘Why the Crash & Burn is Public not Private’ post of 18 March, you have an image showing World Capital Investment. Is that the sequence money usually follows at this time? And, what exactly is the ‘alignment’ you mention towards the end of the post as well as elsewhere? Best Regards […] read more