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Cornuficius – 42 BC

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Quintus Cornificius

CORNUFICIUS AR denaRIUS (fought against Triumvirate)-r

1st Century BC

Quintus Cornificius was a Roman writer, poet, and rhetorician. Cornificius was a contemporary of Cicero and is one of those proposed as the author of the book Ad Herennium, which was long considered to be written by Cicero. Cornificius joined Julius Caesar during the civil war and bought Pompey’s house in Rome when it was auctioned off.

He became Governor of Africa in 44 BC. After Caesar’s assassination, he was a loyal supporter of Octavian. He participated in prosecuting Brutus for the crime of Caesar‘s assassination. Mark Antony had the Senate strip Cornificius of his governorship and handed it to Gaius Calvisius Sabinus. Cornificius refused to give up the province. He joined the forces gathered by Octavian during the Second Civil War. He joined the Sextus Pompey against Mark Antony and held on to his province of Africa. He died fighting in Africa against an army of the Triumvirs in 42 BC in a battle near Utica.


Monetary System

Mints: Military moving mint

CORNUFICIUS AR denarius Jupiter and Bust of Africa


AU Aureus (6.54 grams)
AR Denarius

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