Statilia – 3rd Wife

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Statilia Messalina

Third wife of Nero

Statilia Messalina was born into a noble family and was a descendant of the two-time consul and victorious general Taurus. Statilia was said to have been incredibly beautiful and such a trait in combination with wealth made her very attractive for both reasons.

Statilia was married five times and is said to have had many lovers. In 65 AD, she entered into an affair with Nero. Marcus Vestinus Atticus, the consul of 65 AD, made the mistake of becoming her fourth husband while Nero was still involved in an affair with her. Nero became so enraged and jealous, he had Atticus put to death. Nero then married Statilia in 66 AD.

Her great beauty was surely her most important asset. Statilia always seemed to be able to attract almost anyone she desired. This great gift of beauty served her well following the fall of Nero for she appealed to her powerful friends who intervened to protect her in the chaos that followed.

Statilia came close to being the only Empress of Rome married to two different emperors. In 69 AD, under Emperor Otho, she was once again in the middle of an affair. It is said that Otho planned to marry her himself before he lost the throne. Statlia, with her great beauty, once again overcame the loss of a second Emperor.

Monetary System

Mints: Lydia (Thyatria)


Æ19 HEAVY of Ephesos (7.23 grams)
Æ19 of Ephesos (6 KNOWN) (5.53 grams)
Æ 16 of Lydia (Nero+Messalina facing) (13.67 grams)

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