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Caesonia – Wife

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Milonia Caesonia


The fourth wife of Caligula

Milonia Caesonia was the fourth wife of Emperor Caligula. She was several years his senior. Initially, Caesonia lived with Caligula as his mistress. He later married her during the summer of 39 AD. She bore him a daughter a month later, who was named Julia Drusilla, in honor of his dead sister. Caligula appears to have been at last devoted to someone, but time was running out. Caesonia and her daughter were murdered when Caligula was assassinated on January 24th, 41AD.

Monetary System

Mints: Spain, Judaea



Æ As (of Spain, Carthago Nova)

Caesonia AE18 Judaea RPC 4977
Æ18 (of Judaea) (the condition of these coins is very low)

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