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Jovinus – 411-413 AD

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411-413 AD

Gaulish Puppet Emperor of West

Jovinus was a Gaulish nobleman by birth. He was proclaimed Emperor at Mainz in 411 AD with the support of several barbarian kings, including King Guntiarius of the Burgundians and Goar King of the Alani. He raised his brother, Sebastianus, to the rank of co-Emperor. Jovinus ruled for two years in Gaul before being attacked by Ataulf the Visigoth who had formed his own alliance with Honorius. Jovinus was taken as a prisoner to Narbonne. Like Constantine III two years earlier, Jovinus was despatched under armed escort to Honorius’ court but never lived to complete the journey. He was executed on the orders of Dardanus – Prefect of the Gauls.

Monetary System

Jovinus Denominations Solidus Siliqua

Mints: Trier, Lyons, Arles.

Obverse Legend:



AU Solidus (4.50grams)
AR Siliqua (1.57 grams)

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