Constans – 408-411 AD

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408-411 AD

Son of Constantine III

Constans was the son of Constantine III, the usurper of Britain. He was raised to the rank of Augustus by his father sometime during 408 AD at the time of the invasion of Spain, which he led. In 408AD, Constantine III sent his son, Constans, to Spain in order to put down the troops who were loyal to Honorius. After his victory, he returned to Gaul. However, the former general he left in charge of Spain named Gerontius who rebelled and named his son as emperor Maximus. They marched upon Gaul and there met Constans who came under siege while in Vienne during 411 AD. Gerontius and Maximus succeeded in capturing the young emperor and subsequently put him to death.

Monetary System

The coinage of this young co-emperor is extremely rare. No denominations are known other than a typically reduced siliqua of the period.

Mints: Arelate, Trier

Obverse Legend:



AR Siliqua (1.57 grams)

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