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Ulpia Marciana – Sister

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Ulpia Marciana

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Older sister of Trajan
Born 48 AD – Died 114 AD

2 mrcana sUlpia Marciana was the older sister of Trajan born in 48 AD. She was married to Gaius Salonius Matidius Patruinus, who was apparently a wealthy man and had served as a praetor before becoming a senator. They had a daughter Salonia Matidia, who was born on July 4th, 68AD. Patruinus died in 78AD and Marciana never remarried. After the death of her husband, she and her daughter moved in with Trajan and his wife Plotina.

Marciana was devoted to her brother as well as his wife Plotina. She proved to be a good administrator and was a great help to her brother. As a result, Marciana was given the rank of Augusta in 105 AD. However, she was modest like her brother and was rather reluctant in accepting it and insisted upon sharing that title with Plotina.

Trajan’s love for his sister is well-documented. Not only did he honor her during her lifetime, but he also honored her following her death in 112 AD. Trajan named two cities after her – Marcianopolis in Moesia and Ulpia Marciana Traiana in Africa.

Monetary System

Mints: Rome

Obverse Legends:



MARCIANA sister Trajan AR Denarius

AR Denarius (4.61 grams)

Posthumous Coinage

Diva Marciana. AV Aureus 20mm 7.32 g 7h. Rome mint. Struck September AD 112 117 2

Mints: Rome

Obverse Legends:



Marciana Aureus Denarius Sesterius

AU Aureus (6.54 grams)
AR Denarius (4.61 grams)
AE Sestertius

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