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Lucius Vitellius – Father

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Lucius Vitellius

 LUCIUS VITELLIUS (Father of Vitellius) AR Denarius - R

Father of Emperor Vitellius

Lucius Vitellius was the father of the Emperor Aulus Vitellius. He had a very distinguished career during which he served as consul three times. He also served as Governor of Syria and was a trusted administrator under Emperor Claudius. In fact, Claudius entrusted the government administration to Lucius during his trip to Britain. He most likely died of a stroke in 52 AD.

The coinage bearing his portrait with that of his son served the purpose of political propaganda intended to show the heritage and qualifications of his son to be Emperor.

Monetary System

l vitlus

Mints: Rome

Lucius Vitellius AU Aureus


AU Aureus (7.4 grams)
AR Denarius (3.35 grams)

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