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The Hunt for Money

COMMENT: Hi Martin; thank you very much for your informative blog, i started reading at the beginning of the year and it’s the only one I make sure never to miss a single post. You are the first person I recall mentioning that $3,000 transactions are being kept an eye on. Here is another strange case. […] read more

The Hunt for Whatever is not Nailed Down

QUESTION: “If the new reserve currency that will emerge will be electronic, and no gold standard is possible, why will governments confiscate gold? If the great deflation strikes after 2015.75 all assets can go down a lot in value, so is not good to hoard cash, common u$s bills at your home, or will cash […] read more

My Son Hunter – Movie Trailer

The left is seething at the upcoming release of “My Son Hunter,” detailing the corruption of Hunter Biden and his father, “the big guy.” Director Robert Davi admitted that Hunter’s lawyers appeared on set in Serbia in an attempt to intimidate the film crew. Producing this film was a risky ordeal, as the producer noted […] read more

The Real IRS Hunt

There is NOTHING that the politicians EVER say that is the truth. Hiring 87,000 new IRS agents is NOT to go after billionaires as they claim. There are ONLY 614 billionaires in the United States. Clearly, you do not need 87,000 new agents to hunt down billionaires – they are coming after you! There is […] read more

Hunter Biden on Gun Safety

President Biden is worried about firearms falling into the hands of criminals, like his son, Hunter. Hunter Biden filled out BATFE Form 4473 in October 2018 and purchased a .38 caliber revolver from a shop in Delaware. Hunter claimed he was not on drugs at the time of purchase, as it is illegal to sell […] read more

Around 67% of Americans Want Biden Impeached Over Hunter’s Laptop

The majority of Americans believe Joe Biden should vacate his office if (when) Hunter’s laptop from hell is revealed. Studies by liberal-backed firms indicate this notion. Harvard University’s Center for American Political Studies (CAPS) and Harris, a firm run by Democrat Mark Penn, found that only 37% of respondents believe Biden should run for re-election […] read more

Hunter Biden’s Laptop – Funding Bioweapons in Ukraine

Hunter Biden’s Laptop is the gift that keeps giving. It has now surfaced that Hunter did help finance a US military ‘bioweapons’ research program in Ukraine. This is confirming that Putin’s allegations are in fact not totally propaganda. This is being confirmed even by the London Daily Mail. Little by little the truth ALWAYS surfaces. […] read more

Will the Press be Hunted Down?

  It has begun. The people will turn on the press for conspiring against common sense and being so corrupt. History repeats because HUMAN NATURE NEVER CHANGES. There are good journalists, but the powers from above dictate what to ask and what to say. Project Veritas has been posting inside whistleblowers on FOX as well […] read more

Armstrong Interview by Greg Hunter

Rule of Law Collapsed in USA – Martin Armstrong Please click on the title in the above image to view Martin Armstrong’s interview with Greg Hunter from USA Watchdog. read more

Hunter Biden & the Plot to Cover it All Up

QUESTION: You have been silent on the Hunter Biden story. Would you care to comment sometime? DN ANSWER: I try to be cautious because this is the most corrupt election in history. I was skeptical because about two months before there was sent to me a 64-page document that was claiming a connection of Joe […] read more