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The Decline & Fall of Religion?

In truth, everything has its cycle. There is no escaping this reality upon which the entire universe was created. There has been a steady decline in church membership which has been consistent with perhaps the politically correct movement with the broader societal trends that also manifest in the declining church attendance. There appears to be […]

Warren’s Wealth Tax

Warren’s Wealth Tax is so destructive to the economy and demonstrates that she listens to Thomas Piketty, the French communist pretend economist. She wants to impose a 6% tax on billionaires per year. That means if you lost 20%, you still have to pay 6% of your assets every year to the government to fund […]

Manipulating the World Economy

COMMENT: I just finished “Manipulating the World Economy.” What a wonderful book and actually a gift to those of us who attended the October conference. I hope you will soon publish this book for all the public to read. JL REPLY: It is going off to the printers within the next week. We hope to […]

The Climate Change Fraud Used by Marxists When Communism Failed

This is a good documentary on the subject of human-caused climate change. In a court of law, the evidence argued by the global warming crowd is absolutely a joke and in a real court of law, they would be charged with criminal fraud. This is an agenda which has been usurped by the Marxists who […]

Elizabeth Warren’s Hatred of Retired Folks

Elizabeth Warren demonizes the rich and never considers the real facts as she listens to the communistic ideas of Thomas Piketty. In truth, the vast wealth of America’s share market is owned by retired folks. Federal Reserve numbers show that households headed by people over the age of 55 own 73% of the value of […]

The 2020 Elections – Economics v Career Politicians

QUESTION: Hi Marty, Been reading your blog for six years now and the clarity you have brought regarding cycles and predictability of human behavior is remarkable. My question is regarding the 2020 election. You have said economics drives politics and not the other way around. With the anticipated significant decline in the US economy in […]

Will the Democrats Self-Destruct?

QUESTION: What did you think of the Democratic debate. It looks like they are just preoccupied with hating Trump they have lost touch with reality. You previously said that the Democrats could collapse as a party after 2020. Does that seem likely? PH ANSWER: I know the press is spinning this that Trump will surely […]

Greece – Selling Out to the Establishment

Alexis Tsipras, Prime Minister of Greece, has sold his country out to the failed ideas of the euro. There is no possible way for this deal to work for it will bring only more austerity to Greece that will continue to grind its economy to a halt. Raising taxes will not create jobs and it […]

Why Many Economists Refuse to Believe That the Future Can Be Forecasted

When I was in school, it became obvious that there were real sciences, and then there were “social sciences” based on opinions. In physics class, you learned that there were laws and that “God did not play dice with the universe”, as Einstein similarly put it. When you went to economics class, they said not […]

The New Age of Economic Totalitarianism & the London Meeting to End Currency

I have been warning that the governments of the West are in severe trouble. We face the worst economic crisis, perhaps in modern history, with the distinct risk of moving into a state of Economic Totalitarianism. The governments are well aware of the Economic Confidence Model (ECM). Many people have questioned, “Why have they not killed you?” […]