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The Real Vortex & Astrology

  QUESTION: Do you ever use astrology? EK ANSWER: No. Astrology I believe really dates back to at least the Babylonians. They conducted a research project cataloging everything and attempted to correlate it to events. Clearly, astrology originated in Babylon far back in antiquity, with the Babylonians developing their own form of horoscopes around 2,400 […] read more

Is it Taxes or Debt Default Which Cause Revolution?

QUESTION: Marty, do you agree with other analysts who claim debt defaults create revolutions? From reading your work for decades now, I think you would say it was taxes. Am I correct? Hopefully, see you at the next WEC again KL ANSWER: You are correct. Rome never had a national debt nor a central bank. […] read more

Market Talk – February 24, 2021

ASIA: New home prices in China grew at a faster pace in January, driven by red-hot demand in the country’s mega cities despite the government’s cooling measures. Average new home prices in 70 major cities increased 0.3% in January from a month earlier, versus a 0.1% gain in December, according to Reuters calculations based on […] read more

Is This a Bubble?

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, My wife and I are trying to buy a second home. We live in Wisconsin and want a place somewhere warm. We are trying to buy in Florida, but we are financing it and we bid at the asking. However, on all of the properties, someone comes in with cash and ABOVE asking. […] read more

Cleopatra – Coins – Migrations

QUESTION: Marty, I watched a documentary on Cleopatra. Strange how she was married to her younger brothers. They said nobody knows what she really looked like but I thought if anyone would really know, it must be you. Was she the most beautiful woman of antiquity or was that legend? FR ANSWER: Plutarch does remark […] read more

Rome Police Defend Protesters in Solidarity

  Many people have written in to say this is all too depressing. I explain that by posting what is taking place globally, you can see that RESISTANCE IS NOT FUTILE. I reported previously how the police in Naples turned and joined the protesters. Now the same is taking place in Rome. The people are […] read more

Private Money

QUESTION: Marty, I found your passing comment on cash-like coupons by private stores becoming cash in the digital world. Could you elaborate? thank you as always BK ANSWER: Aside from the ancient Roman prostitute token, we have often found private tokens emerge as money during periods of shortages in physical money. The Roman Emperor Tiberius […] read more

Market Talk – February 23, 2021

ASIA: The major Asian stock markets had a mixed day today: NIKKEI 225 closed Shanghai decreased 6.09 points or -0.17% to 3,636.36 Hang Seng increased 312.81 points or 1.03% to 30,632.64 ASX 200 increased 58.30 points or 0.86% to 6,839.20 Kospi decreased 9.66 points or -0.31% to 3,070.09 SENSEX increased 7.09 points or 0.01% to […] read more

Supreme Court Allows Manipulation of Elections

I find it very interesting that because Justice Thomas, Alito, and Gorsuch all dissented in denying review of the Pennsylvania election lawsuits which were clearly unconstitutional, suddenly Thomas is no longer black but called the “most conservative” member of the Supreme Court. I have stated before that the Judiciary Act of 1925 is in itself […] read more

Seattle Orders $4 per Hour Extra for Essential Workers Causing More Company Closures

The Seatle government has directed that people who are “essential” workers during this pandemic are to be now paid $4 per hour extra for hazard pay. Kroger grocery has decided to close its stores. There is simply no proof of a pandemic and far more people die from cancer than COVID and grocery stores do […] read more