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Klaus Schwab Advocates Perpetual Lockdowns?

  Klaus Schwab thinks imprisoning people is a good thing. We really have to purge EVERYONE from a political office that pays any homage whatsoever to Schwab and his World Economic Forum. In addition, any CEO of any public corporation that is in league with Schwab and his World Economic Forum is committing fraud upon […] read more

Market Talk – March 1, 2021

ASIA: China’s manufacturing sector grew at a markedly slower pace in February than the month before, surveys released over the weekend suggested, even as similar indicators in the US are signaling rapid growth. Chinese purchasing managers indexes have been trending lower since December when officials mandated new lockdowns in some northern cities to contain a […] read more

Trudeau is Altering the Economy of Canada Denying the People Any Right to Vote on His Great Reset

Is this leaked info really Trudeau’s crazy COVID plan for 2021? COMMENT: Dear Martin, In response to your blog of today: “Trudeau Moves to Install Guaranteed Basic Income in Canada”, do you remember the supposedly leaked Covid-19 roadmap of the Canadian government? It mentioned the following:  “Reform and expansion of the unemployment program to be transitioned […] read more

Ideas Repeat throughout History

COMMENT: Good morning, I am glad to see that you publicly touched on the idea of expiring credits, that in fact are in play. It is an old idea that has been talked and written about by members of the Club in many of their Private think tanks and in books and other literature going […] read more

Climate Change & the Dollar

COMMENT: Marty, at first I was not sure why you were focusing on the climate change issue. I now understand that climate is the main driving force behind this Great Reset which is out to undermine capitalism. Looking at the dollar through a global view I can see that cash is not trash. Thank you […] read more

Trudeau Moves to Install Guaranteed Basic Income in Canada

    It is very interesting how Trudeau has called anyone who uses the term “Great Reset” is a conspiracy theorist, and he intends to just focus on helping Canadians. Those who are engaged in this Great Reset know they have the media on their side to push this Agenda 2030 forward without anyone ever […] read more

Czechoslovakia Returning to Communism?

From Monday almost 30,000 police and 5,000 soldiers will be policing Czech Republic “covid” lockdown which is total home imprisonment and respirator (N95 mask) mandates. Of course, there was the Velvet Revolution which took place Nov 17, 1989 – Dec 29, 1989 as communism collapsed. The Czechoslovak Socialist Republic was the name of Czechoslovakia from 1948 to […] read more

Biden Gets the Immigration Crisis he so Richly Deserves

The Democrats blamed Trump for everything possible with immigration. Now the rumor is that anyone in the USA under Biden will simply be granted citizenship. What is going on now is the problem of unaccompanied children crossing the border has exceeded all-time highs. Border Patrol agents are now reporting a dramatic surge in the numbers […] read more

Biden orders 56 US Attorneys to Resign or be Fired bceuase they Were Appointed by Trump

Biden has ordered that 56 US Attorneys appointed by Trump must resign by today or be fired simply for being Republicans. This ensures that Hunter Biden will never be investigated and it is outright corruption of the Rule of Law. Never has such discrimination taken place whereby you cannot discriminate if they are even cross-dressers, […] read more

Snowden on Did we Agree to All of This?   read more