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Antoninus Pius – 138-161AD

Antoninus Pius 138 – 161 AD Born 86 – Died 161 AD, Age 75 Titus Aurelius Fulvua Boionius Arrius Antoninus, known to history as Antoninus Pius, was born of a good family in Nimes locted in the Gallia Narbonensis region (Southern France). Several members of his family had served as consuls of Rome, which enabled […] read more

Aelius Caesar – 136-138AD

Aelius Caesar As Caesar, 136 – 138 AD In 136 AD, Hadrian was in failing health and chose that moment to select his successor. Hadrian chose Lucius Ceionius Commodus and upon his adoption, his name was changed to Lucius Aelius Caesar. Aelius was the son of a powerful senatorial family who came to the attention of Hadrian. […] read more

Antinous (111-130AD) Hadrian’s Lover

Antinous  Lover of Hadrian Antinous was the homosexual lover and companion of the Emperor Hadrian. Nothing is known of his origin or age. Antinous was a Bithynian Greek youth who Hadrian became attracted to. He perhaps caught Hadrians eye on his trip to Bithynia about 123AD. Hadrian then took him to Rome where he was educated. He accompanied […] read more

Sabina – Wife

Sabina Wife of Hadrian Died 137 AD Vibia Sabina was the daughter of Matidia and grandniece of Trajan. At the prompting of Trajan’s wifePlotina, the marriage of Sabina to Hadrian took place in 100 AD without the full support of Trajan himself. The families of Trajan and Hadrian were already linked in the past since Trajan’s father was the brother of Hadrian’s […] read more

Hadrian – 117-138AD

Hadrian 117-138 AD Born January 24th, 76 – Died 138 AD, Age 62 Publius Aelius Hadrianus, was born in Rome on January 24th, 76 AD although his family had settled in Italica (Spain) nearly 300 years prior when that region was first opened to Roman colonists. In 86 AD, Hadrian lost his father at the […] read more

Trajan Pater – Father

Trajan Pater Died 100 AD Father of Trajan, died 100 AD. He was also related to Hadrian since he was the brother of Hadrian’s grandfather. Out of respect for his family, Trajan issued commemorative coinage for most members of his family following their death. He honored his father both in sculpture as well as on the gold coinage […] read more

Matidia – Niece Trajan Mother-in-Law of Hadrian

Matidia Niece of Trajan Mother-in-law of Hadrian (68-119AD) Matidia was the daughter of Ulpia Marciana (older sister of Trajan) and C. Salonius Matidius Patriunus. Her father died in 78 AD and her mother became a devoted supporter of her brother, the Emperor Trajan. She was given the rank of Augusta, which she shared with Trajan’s wife Plotina. Matidia married L. Vibius […] read more

Ulpia Marciana – Sister

Ulpia Marciana Older sister of Trajan Born 48 AD – Died 114 AD Ulpia Marciana was the older sister of Trajan born in 48 AD. Marciana was devoted to her brother as well as his wife Plotina. She married C. Saloninus Matidius Patruinus with whom she bore a daughter,Matidia. Her husband later died in 78 AD. Marciana was a great help to her […] read more

Plotina – Wife of Trajan

Plotina Wife of Trajan Born 70 AD – Died 129 AD Pompeia Plotina was born in Nemausus (Nimes) in Gaul around 70 AD. Plotina married Trajan before he was elevated to the throne and apparently never bore any children. She was famed for her simplicity, dignity and virtue and the historian Cassio Dio tells us that when […] read more

Trajan – 98-117AD

  Trajan Emperor, 98 – 117 AD Born 52 – Died 117 AD, Age 65 Marcus Ulpius Trajanus, was born at Italica in Spain about the year 52 AD. His family was originally from Umbria in Italy. His father, of the same name, was a senator and had served as consul. He was also governor […] read more