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Epstein’s Death – A Huge Fraud

  I am the ONLY person who can speak with any authoritative knowledge of 10 South – the “HOLE” where Jeffrey Epstein supposedly killed himself which is a joke! When they were taking my lawyers away, they did not want them to talk to me. They amazingly put me in 10 South with all the […] read more

Gates – Gore – Epstein

QUESTION: Can you verify your sources on Gates and Epstein’s meeting with the head of the Nobel Prize? I have never heard anything about Al Gore acting improperly. Are there sources on that as well? GH ANSWER: I think the problem is that the American press protects the democrats and has been protecting Bill Gates […] read more

Gates & Epstein

The egotistical Bill Gates apparently wanted the Nobel Peace Prize like Al Gore for his climate change efforts, or perhaps for his zero CO2 and reducing the population arguments. Gates apparently would send employees to the Nobel ceremonies just in case he was to be awarded some honor. It turns out that Gates believed that […] read more

PRIVATE BLOG – Gates & Epstein Impacts Stocks

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Bill Gates Lies about His Connection to Epstein

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Will Epstein Case with Maxwell Go Beyond just Sex?

  The real question is what is going on in this case? Are prosecutors going to limit this to just sex? Or will they look at this for real that Epstein was using the underage girls for the purpose of blackmailing high profile people? The connection of Maxwell’s father to “the club” would open a […] read more

Have New Epstein Docs Ended Hillary’s Dream?

The word behind the curtain is that these charges against Maxwell, and the unsealing of previously sealed documents, have put an end to any hope that the Democrats could draft Hillary to replace Biden. In a recently unsealed court document involving Jeffrey Epstein and his alleged accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell, Virginia Giuffre said that former Democratic […] read more

Deutsche Bank & Jeffrey Epstein

The mystery of Jeffrey Epstein, which extends beyond the sex with underage girls, has been just exactly where did his money come from? I have stated that I believe what truly lurked behind the surface was an attempt to entrap powerful people for the sole purpose of blackmail. Recently released transcripts show that he did […] read more

Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested – Clinton’s & Epstein’s Lover

Here we go again. The FBI has just arrested Jeffrey Epstein’s friend and alleged procurer Ghislaine Maxwell on charges related to a probe by New York federal prosecutors into his alleged rampant serial sexual abuse of young girls and women. Will Maxwell also commit suicide? Ghislaine Maxwell is the daughter of Robert Maxwell MC (1923– […] read more

Gates, Imperial College’s Ferguson Who Started this Nightmare & Jeffrey Epstein

Neil Ferguson of Imperial College in Britain is ground zero for this world lockdown. He even testified before the British Parliament and nobody really interrogated him. He projected that the death rates would be 20% of the population and then had to admit he made a mistake. While many have focused on the sex scandal […] read more