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Epstein Tried to Blackmail Gates – JPMorgan v Murdoch News Corp?

News outlets are reporting that Jeffrey Epstein allegedly attempted to blackmail Bill Gates after discovering he was having an affair with Mila Antonova, a Russian bridge player. Epstein wanted Gates to join him in creating a multi-billion dollar “charitable” fund with JPMorgan Chase. Epstein attempted to use Gates’ affair with Mila as leverage but failed. It […] read more

Was Bill Gates using Epstein to Blackmail People?

    I have said before, Epstein was really creating a sophisticated operation for blackmail. Wall Street used Elliot Spritzer to take down AIG head Hank Greenberg because he refused to allow AIG to issue guarantees for Goldman Sachs’ mortgage-backed securities. They used Elliot Spitzer as the DA of NY to remove Hank Greenberg from […] read more

The CIA Protected Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein’s calendar was released and his connections go further than initially reported. He helped people reach the peak of their careers in law, banking, education, and politics. As I have said, he was operating a honey trap operation to blackmail the most powerful players on the world stage. He likely offered two big services, […] read more

The Untold Backdrop to Jeffrey Epstein

  Epstein was clearly involved in one of the biggest honey traps probably in history. They have been using girls/women to blackmail powerful people for decades. They tried that even with John F. Kennedy and they successfully got control of Edgar Hoover. You can read Whitney Webb’s One Nation Under Blackmail. This has been going […] read more

Clinton, Epstein, and a Mysterious Death

  Reminder: Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself. The media stopped covering Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial but she is still alive and so are her secrets. She is imprisoned for sex trafficking, but not one abuser has been identified or brought to justice. The media failed to mention that she recently agreed to reveal the names […] read more

Sex Trafficking v Epstein

A few people have questioned my comment on Virginia Giuffre saying she was a victim of sex trafficking. I totally disagree. Just watch the movie Taken which is based on the real sex trafficking trade. There they kidnap girls who are then forced to have sex. That by no means applies to what Epstein was […] read more

Epstein’s Death – A Huge Fraud

  I am the ONLY person who can speak with any authoritative knowledge of 10 South – the “HOLE” where Jeffrey Epstein supposedly killed himself which is a joke! When they were taking my lawyers away, they did not want them to talk to me. They amazingly put me in 10 South with all the […] read more

Gates – Gore – Epstein

QUESTION: Can you verify your sources on Gates and Epstein’s meeting with the head of the Nobel Prize? I have never heard anything about Al Gore acting improperly. Are there sources on that as well? GH ANSWER: I think the problem is that the American press protects the democrats and has been protecting Bill Gates […] read more

Gates & Epstein

The egotistical Bill Gates apparently wanted the Nobel Peace Prize like Al Gore for his climate change efforts, or perhaps for his zero CO2 and reducing the population arguments. Gates apparently would send employees to the Nobel ceremonies just in case he was to be awarded some honor. It turns out that Gates believed that […] read more

PRIVATE BLOG – Gates & Epstein Impacts Stocks

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