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CDC Using PCR Tests for Genomic Sequencing

The CDC posted a “fun fact” on Twitter on February 16 that actually incriminated the agency for misusing personal data. Almost everyone has taken some form of a COVID test by this stage in the staged pandemic. It is safe to assume most thought the nose swabs would be destroyed. But no, the CDC will […] read more

PCR Test is Not Valid

I have reported on here that I was tested for COVID five times and they were all negative. I went to Tampa hospital to see the top pulmonary doctor and after saying I was tested 5 times, he bluntly said that did not matter – the test is invalid. After December 31, 2021, CDC will […] read more

A 20 Year-Old Tears Apart the PCR test

  Here a 20-year-old has shown that this is a hoax and has done an excellent compilation of the facts!  A young woman is doing the work that we should actually expect from scientists. But she is not being paid to shut-up or to reach a predetermined outcome. read more

FDA Now Warns Rapid COVID Tests Might be Invalid

It is interesting how the propaganda “fact-checkers” who have NO medical background went into panic mode to claim that the CDC did not mean what they said and desperately tried to spin it around. Claiming the CDC did not mean what it plainly wrote that the COVID tests cannot distinguish between the Flu and COVID […] read more

CDC Admits COVID Tests are Invalid

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is finally withdrawing the PCR test for COVID for it is seriously flawed and is incapable of distinguishing between the COVID and influenza viruses. I have stated that I was tested 5 times in 2020 and all were negative only to have two doctors, including the head of pulmonary […] read more

Munich Protest & Others being Ignored by Governments

  There was a massive protest in Munich on the 8th against this COVID Tyranny. Of course, governments do not care for the real agenda is to completely wipe out democracy and usher in Schwab’s Great Reset. They have been using this virus as merely a tool to achieve their political restructuring. While people argue […] read more

COVID Swab Test DNA Samples for Sale

Cignpost Diagnostics, a UK-based COVID testing company, has likely sold swab samples containing customers’ DNA. The company claimed it had the right to sell data to third parties in an effort to “learn more about human health.” However, the consent form is buried among the lengthy testing information sheet, and the company primarily sells tests […] read more

The No Patient Left Alone Act

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has proven time and time again that he is a man of the people. DeSantis signed SB 988, the No Patient Left Alone Act, which guarantees that no one in the state of Florida will be left to die alone in hospitals, hospices, and long-term care facilities. Under the tyrannical COVID […] read more

The International Criminal Court – Fighting For the People (Part 3)

The complaint filed with the International Criminal Court continues to provide a broad-picture view of the various ways governments have used the coronavirus to exploit the people. INFLATED COVID FIGURES Nurses and doctors from hospitals across the world have noted that nearly every death recorded is due to the coronavirus. The complaint notes that if […] read more

The International Criminal Court – Fighting For the People (Part 2)

Looking further into the complaint filed with the International Criminal Court, we find additional examples of human rights abuses. PCR Tests Oxford University has discovered that PCR tests are so sensitive that they can detect old infections by tracking fragments of dead viral cells. “Originally developed to detect the presence of DNA and RNA in […] read more