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Gates’ Eugenics End Goal – Population Control

What is truly amazing is how the mainstream media is so intent upon just accepting whatever Bill Gates says and his entire agenda without the slightest bit of investigation. They just hate Trump so intensely that they do not care what the agenda is behind Gates’ global assault on the economy, arguing we will never […] read more

Eugenics is now Climate Change but Still Racist

COMMENT: Good morning, I remember reading back in the day that global warming was the greatest threat to the world. I also saw old articles where before that it was global cooling. Since they couldn’t seem to get it straight and global warming had started to get a bad name among some scientists and some […] read more

Gates – Eugenics – Schwab – United Nations

QUESTION: All this emphasis on abortion and Roe v Wade in order to pick a Supreme Court justice is strange that everything has to turn on a single issue. Is this still the ’60 women’s liberation movement that is this strong politically 60 years later? HT   ANSWER: There is no doubt that Pelosi and […] read more

Is Bill Gates Really a Racist Using Climate Change as the Excuse to Depopulate Africa?

What is really amazing is that Bill Gates’ father has long been an alleged racist with Planned Parenthood targeting minorities. Eugenics has also been about improving the Anglo-Saxon/Scandinavian portion of the white race as being superior and the black race is the lowest. We are in this era of taring down statues of monumental of […] read more

The Plot Thickens

COMMENT: Dear Sir, thanks for the messages at your blog. Today I heard from my daughter that during the European soccer championship a Danish player got a heart attack. That was broadcasted but not that two days before he got a corona vaccin. My grandson of 9 yrs wants to have a vaccination. Why? He […] read more

Gates – Vaccines & Population Growth

Bill Gates simply cannot be this stupid. He is engaging in pure sophistry to sell his population-climate change agenda. The mistake people are making here is they are judging the third world by our way of life. Gates is claiming that we need to vaccinate everyone in the world so they will have a healthier […] read more

Maxwell & the Billionaire Club

The word on the street is that Jeffrey Epstein’s friend and alleged procurer Ghislaine Maxwell is willing to talk and name names. Let’s hope Maxwell does not also commit suicide. I find this entire affair way too simple. Calling it just an underage sex ring is neat and simple. However, there are far too many […] read more

Market Talk – April 24, 2019

ASIA: The North Korean leader Kim Jong-un visits Russia for the first time near the city of Vladivostok. Talks are due to commence tomorrow between the two nations as Russia wishes to discuss North Korea’s nuclear problem. This, along with continued efforts to engage with China, is a continued effort for North Korea to hedge […] read more

Gates & Our Dark Future

  For months, I have been getting info from behind the curtain where there are still people who are against this entire agenda. I refrained from publishing most of what I heard not that it was wrong, but it was so far-fetched it certainly seemed like a conspiracy theory. This push using COVID for a […] read more


I continue to believe that this virus was manufactured and deliberately released neither by China nor the US Military and at the same time, we have the Grand Wizzard Bill now calling to end all beef consumption, and simultaneously, there is a rising call to reduce the population. Killing millions in the name of saving […] read more