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2013 – A Snapshot of the Future Gold Array for 2013

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Copyright Martin Armstrong All Rights Reserved January 1st, 2013

We have a very serious problem. In gold, everyone is loaded to the gills expecting hyperinflation that will never materialize and governments are getting outright nasty. We have THREE Monthly Bearish Reversals that have now lined up in gold at 15470, 15413, and 15323. We have a huge gap from there to 11589 and this is not real good. Gold closed 2012 higher than it did for 2011 on the 13th year up. That is by no means good at all. If these reversals are elected, look out below. We may have to clean house before gold can resume the uptrend.


A snapshoot of the array for gold in 2013 came out as expected at the Berlin Conference. The Panic Cycle is September but look at the directional changes thereafter – every month. This is by no means going to be a walk in the park. The German elections are September 2013. Merkel is seen as the last hope for Europe even though she is really doing nothing of note but changing with the wind.

We will be preparing a new special metals report. It is obviously going to be needed right now. Will advise when it is ready.