Maastricht Treaty – Time Table

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Maastricht Treaty – Time Table


*** EMU Timetable


January 1 Preparation of legal framework for European Central Bank,
European System of Central Banks and the Euro
Dutch assume EU presidency
April Probable UK General Election
Jul 1 Luxembourg’s presidency begins
December Latest possible date for Irish General Election
Year End Decision on EMU Start Date


January 1 UK presidency begins
March French Election – National Assembly
May Probable Dutch General Election
First fixing of the currency on May 3rd
July 1
Deadline for deciding on initial members
Austrian presidency begins
September French Election – Senate
Latest date for Danish Election
Swedish General Election
October German Election – Bundestag


January 1 Irrevocable fixing of participating currencies against
the Euro, abolision of the ECU.
Monetary sovereignty of participants ceded to the ESCB
ESCB to implement policy in Euros
German presidency begins
March Finnish General Election
May Belgian General Election
June European Parliament Elections
Luxembourg General Election
Portuguese General Election
July 1 Finnish Presidency begins
December Austrian General Election


January 1 Portuguese presidency begins
March Spanish Elections
July 1 Greek presidency begins
September Greek General Election


January 1

Likely date for second round entry
Swedish presidency begins
April Latest date for Italian General Election
July 1 Belgian presidency begins


January 1

Latest date for issue of Euro notes and coins
Greek presidency begins
June 30 Latest date for abolition of National notes and coins
July 1 Danish presidency begins