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Kassander – 319-297 BC

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319-297 BC

In 297 BC, Kassander (Cassander) (358-297 BC) was born in 358 BC the son of Antipater, regent of Macedonia appointed by Alexander the Great. Upon the death of his father, Kassander succeeded to the throne of Macedonia in 316 BC – a position he would hold until his own death.

Kassander was indeed ruthless. He murdered Olympias, mother of Alexander the Great in 316 BC when he took the throne and married Alexander’s half sister, Thessalonica at the same time. He later murdered Alexander’s widow, Roxana, and their son, Alexander IV, in 311 BC.

In 305 BC, Kassander assumed the title of King of Macedonia at the same time Ptolmey I took the title of King of Egypt, Seleukos I the title of King of Bablyon and Lysimachos King of Thrace.

Kassander was a member of the coalition that defeated and killed Antigonus at Ipsus in 301 BC. He finally died in 297 BC, which opened the door to Greece and Macedonia for Antigonus’s son Demetrios I.

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