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Arsinoe III – 221-204 BC

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Monetary History of Egypt

Ptolemaic Dynasty

Arsinoe III

221 – 204 B.C.

Wife and Sister of Ptolemy III
Daughter Ptolemy II & Berenike II

Arsinoe III was born the daughter of Ptolemy II and Berenike II. She was married to her brother Ptolemy IV. Her husband was famous for his drunken orgies and preferred to leave matters of state to his corrupt minister Sosibios. In the end, when Ptolemy IV died in 204 BC, he leave only a 5 year old son as his heir – Ptolemy V. Arsinoe III was quickly murdered by the court ministers and they ruled the empire in the name of the boy king.

Monetary System


Struck by her husband Ptolemy III

AU Octadrachm (27.8 grams)

Postumous Coinage by Ptolemy V

AU Octadrachm (27.8 grams)

Monetary History of the World
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