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The Palace of Diocletian at Split

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The Palace of Diocletian at Split


Diocletian was the first and only Emperor of Rome who voluntarily retired from office. Upon his retirement, Diocletian built a magnificent palace where he lived, eventualy died and was burried. The city of Spalato, which means “little palace”, was the site of this wonderful structure located in the former region known today as Yugoslavia. Unfortunately, much of this structure has been destroyed. On this site now stands the church of St Domnus, in which St Domnus himself lies. However, this very spot was also the resting-place of Diocletian. Beneath the ancient palace there was a vast network of arching vaults which can still be seen today. Everything within the palace including living quarters of the city were all constructed upon this underground network which was used for storage as well as a prison. The defence-wall of this city was constructed of ashlar blocks rather than the more common brick material.

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