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Frst wife of Octavian

Scribonia was the first wife of Octavian (Augustus). Scribonia was the sister of Lucius Scribonius Libo who was also the father-in-law ofSextus Pompey. Scribonia is said to have been considerably older than Octavian. In fact, her marraige to Octavian was her third. Previously, Scribonia was twice married to former consuls.

Octavian’s marraige to Scribonia was not perticularly happy no less loving. Nonetheless, Octavian’s only child, his daughter Julia, was born of this union in 39 BC. It is said that upon the very day of Julia’s birth, Octavian divorced Scribonia for Livia, who was also pregnant by Tiberius Claudius Nero. Octavian’s claim for his divorced was simply stated… “I could not stand her nagging.” When Augustus banished his daughter Julia in 2 BC for her scanalous behaviour, Scribonia was also sent into exile along with her.

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