Octavia – 1st Wife

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Daughter of Claudius
First wife of Nero

Octavia was the daughter of Claudius and Messalina. She was born around the year 40 AD and was eventually married to Nero in 53 AD. Octavia was Nero’s first wife and he was not fond of her in the least. Their marriage was one of purely politics in order to pave the way for Nero’s ascent to the throne.

In 55 AD, Nero poisoned her older brother Britannicus. He also would have done the same to Octavia, but was still under the dominant control of his mother, Agrippina, Junior. Finally, in 62 AD, Nero divorced Octavia and sent her into exile. At first she was sent to Campania and later she was imprisoned on the island of Pandateria on a false charge of adultery. Later that same year, she was executed and her head given to his ruthless wife Poppaea as a token of his affection.

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