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Constantius III – 421 AD

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Constantius III

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421 AD

Emperor of West
Husband Galla Placidia
Step-brother-in-law of Arcadius & Honorius

Flavius Constantius III was an outstanding soldier of humble origin. He rose through the ranks to become a leading general who fought with great success against the barbarian kings who had plagued the Western half of the Roman Empire during the reign of Honorius. The military success of Constantius III brought him de facto power equivalent to being ruler of the Western half of the Empire.

In 417 AD, Constantius III married Galla Placidia who was the daughter of Theodosius I and the half-sister of both the Emperors Arcadius and Honorius. Eventually, Constantius III was raised to the rank of Augustus in the West on February 8th, 421 AD. However, despite his now family link to the royal house of Theodosius, his position was denied sanction by the government in Constantinople. This situation was highly dangerous and the Empire was once again approaching Civil War. However, as fate would have it, Constantius III died prematurely and as such the crisis was ended.

Monetary System

Constantius III AU solidus Tremissis

Note: The coinage of Constantius III is quite rare. The only known denominations are those struck in gold. No known bronze or silver coinage has ever been discovered.

Mints: Lugdunum (Lyons), Ravenna

Obverse Legends:



AU Solidus (4.50 grams)
AU Tremissis (1.35 grams)

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